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Sven Seebeck

[Last week it was snowing]( and today I took the kids to beach for ice-cream. Not that I'm complaining 😀

Commencing the first official day of summer vacation with a visit to the playground with the kids.

Since I like to keep stats on everything, I installed a sleep tracker the other day. Not sure if the stats are going to be any useful when the app drains all the batteries, both from phone and watch. Admittedly I used a setting which said: *might increase battery usage*. I guess I will have to come up with a better solution.

Yeah! The watch finally got the Android Wear 2.0 update. Looking forward to check out what's new. Already digging the fresh design.

There were just snowflakes falling out of the sky. Not much, but still.

Changing the colour of my to **Blueberry** probably was one of the more exciting things that I did.

I'm still torn whether to use a single or two column theme on the blog. Since it is was an easy thing to do, turned my current now as a single column one. For the time being, that is.

After playing with []( for a little while, I think I might have found the cross-platform Markdown editor that I have been looking for. Nice and minimal design and seemingly has all the features that I am looking for. Also it is a lot easier to maintain, than my current setup.

Twackle, crump-eth! The kids woke up at 5:40 and now we're watching Batman S02 Episode 1&2. Funny how much they like it.

After the iPad had been dormant for a while and after updating all the things I was stoked to realize how bad keyboard support still is. It seems that one of the latest updates also *added* might have broken something. Don't know. For some reason I couldn't enter text in a spreadsheet. Seems like a basic things. Will have to check one day to see what's going on there. Maybe.. I am actually not much inclined to do so.

The downside of spring: **ticks**. One walk with the dog and he's covered with ticks. Okay, well not covered, but *two* is *two* more than I tolerate. Almost wishing​ the winter back.

My streak continues and I had another 7 Minute workout today. Amazing how exhausted I can get during such a short time. Related: wearing a *Hulk* shirt doesn't give me any superpowers.

Replaced milk with Almond Milk for my Latte this morning. It turned out to be surprisingly good, albeit expensive in the long run.

I gave up (*again*) and after four (maybe five) themes changes and trialing even more I went for the simplest that I could find and made it even simpler. This will have to do now. Clearly free time doesn't suit me at all.

I shouldn't be allowed to have free time. The first thing I did was tweaking and changing my blog's theme. That would be third this week. Turns out that all themes are not working for me or have annoying bugs. Such as the current one as well.

Even though it still needs some tweaking and a bit more refinement, I am currently rather satisfied with IFTTT applets to publish to my blog. Still I wish I had a bit more control there. After MS Flow I will give also Zapier a try once I have the time to do so.

Kind of looking forward to see what is going to be announced at I/O today. I actually hope they come out with the announced desktop/web app for Allo. I am probably one of the few that is using the app, but I like it and the desktop version would be neat.

Had a bit of free time and the first thing I did was changing the blog's theme. Now using the same like two years ago and most likely will change it anyway soon again once I have some free time. Not sure why I'm doing that.