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Sven Seebeck

The last really busy week of this schoolyear started. I am about to make it even more busy, by trying out themes for the blog, note apps, re-arranging my drives and 7 minute workouts. I don't know why I am doing things like that.

And yes, it had been snowing today again. Because, why not! I guess. The weather had been so bad recently even a popular TV meteorologist can't stop laughing:

There's no translation, but I think you will not need it.

@jason Hi! I remembered you were looking for a non-Google notetaking app with Geo tagging. I'm not sure, but this might be doing this:

Also: today I learned one can burn chocolate in the microwave, when trying to melt it. Seems logical, albeit didn't expect it to happen so quick. Hint: less than 50 seconds.

Unrelated: The cat is crazy about *croissants*.

About to start baking a cake for my wife with the kids. Recipe doesn't appear to be challenging. Nutella Cheesecake. Even when it goes wrong it is probably good.

After two nights of concerts, teaching on a Saturday morning seemingly requires more coffee than I have available here. On the positive side though I'm now done and can enjoy the rest of the weekend with the family​.

Well, that didn't work. I give it one more try. It seem Flow might be able to do what I am looking for, but it is certainly not as intuitive as I hoped.

Now that I have successfully setup a workflow including Inoreader and IFTTT to post updates to my blog, I'm now giving Microsoft Flow a try, to see if it a) works and b) would be faster because it involves less steps.

If you are into spooky audio dramas **The Magnus Archives** might be for you. During the last year it has become one of my favorite shows and it has become part of Thursday morning routine.

There is a significant speed increase of my blog since I switched to using system fonts.

After my Alto mouthpiece broke in the morning I managed to get my old mouthpiece back. Now that I played for a while I wonder I ever got a new one. The Meyer actually works very well.

Neat! I finally tricked out Windows and Chrome and added Wordpress's **Press This** bookmarklet to the desktop, for quickly posting stuff to the blog. Have been wanting to do this for a while.

So, I did the inevitable and most reasonable thing and moved my microblog posts back to my own blog. It makes more sense to have all under one roof instead of fiddling with too many options.

Especially after fiddling to many options.

And here's your daily weather update: sun and snow. Of course. Because it's May.

Just had my first micro-blogging crisis. First I thought it would be more useful to, essentially have two blogs. One for, like real posts, and one type.

Now came up the dilemma, that I wasn't sure on which blog a certain post should go. Stupid I know.

Considered that I have more fun on the micro one and hardly find to write longer things, maybe the separation was a stupid idea to begin with.

Maybe I should have done both in one instance.

I'm in the process to figure out how to best automate publishing to my micro-blog. For some services, such as Mastodon and Pocket I have it working nicely. Fiddling with Spotify right now.

I hate to bring this up again: but after the hail in the morning it just now has started to snow again.

Funny how coffee always taste always so much better before 6am. It's almost worth getting up.