Finshed reading The Lady in the Lake the 4th book in Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe series last night. It’s as enjoyable as the previous ones even though the solution of this case seemed rather obvious. 📚

Finished reading M.R.James’ Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Part 1 and guess I will continue then with part 2. 📚

This just happened. Related: I have made an un-precedented case of bad-screenprotector adjustment. I guess this was the last time I did it myself.

While there is still time another Hama Bead Mario for Mario day.

The original Omnibook gets a second volume and Steve Neff has a review of the The Charlie Parker Omnibook Volume 2. This is great news and it has a great selection of tunes. I will surely get me one.

We were just browsing through the “Not on this iPad” tab in the app store looking for an old game. It was a rather interesting experience. A few games but countless task-managers and text-editors. Learned in the process that I purchased Things for iPad (?) in January of 2009. Still, or ...

Am a bit miffed at the science-center’s facial-detection exhibit, which vicously has added 15+ years to my age. Maybe it’s time to re-think the thing with the beard, or have more coffee …

And I finished another Raymond Chandler audiobook, The High Window, Philip Marlowe book 3. Enjoyed it as much as the previous ones and continued right away with the next book in the series: The Lady in the Lake.

I enjoyed the article ”Using Parts of Speech to Improve Your Writing” on the iA blog. It shows how to utilize iA Writer’s syntax highlighting and how to improve one’s writing with it. I use iA Writer a lot, but I can’t say that I have taken much advantage of that feature.

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