Public domain songbook: 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization for both study and performance.


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Hmmm. I’m sure I’m missing the obvious, but would anyone mind pointing me into the right direction on “how to follow” a here?! Somehow can’t figure that out.

I’ve heard it said that fencing is the perfect COVID-19 sport:

  1.  Masks
  2.  Gloves
  3.  If anyone gets within 6 ft of you, you stab them.

But what is jousting if not fencing++?

Due to the lack of automated cross-posting I haven't updated here in a while. But at least here's my latest blog entry:

@jackbaty Hi! An influx of your posts in my feed-reader tells me that you have moved your blog again 😃 May I ask which platform you are trying now?!

Nice! Just noticed that the latest Doctor Who season is airing here as well.

Every time I open Musecore after a little break I wonder I shell out for Sibelius every month. Maybe I should be working it for a little longer while and then see if it could stick.

” It’s a perfect time for one of those “shit we’re old” posts“. Brilliant post on “Wait But Why“.

Merry Christmas (or any other Festivo of your choosing for that matter)!

I started to read and buy more graphic novels than ever before, which, so far, are all adaptation of Neil Gaiman stories and books. I enjoyed all of them and was happy to hear that “Norse Mythology” is also going to be adapted and the other night I ran (via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter) into t...

Since Flickr popped up in my feed frequently enough to bring it back to attention, I finally cleaned it up a bit, moved it off Yahoo and deleted my Yahoo account in the process. Feels like a 10 minutes well spent. You can find me here btw.

Today my wife and me celebrated today our 8th wedding anniversary! As today had been a normal and normally long, workday, we will celebrate a bit more on the weekend with the new Star Wars movie.

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