That's me trying to scroll through the time after reading my feeds in Elfeed. Every single time.

Woah. Cleaned my laptop screen. It's like having a brand-new machine! Nice.

Making some progress with my upcoming relaunch of my blog with Hugo. I want things to be as simple as possible and made some progress tweaking the Etch theme.

It's still a work in progress but it's getting there.

I hate that every little piece of crap requires some dumb account somewhere. Next up: account to make toast. So one have his toast preferences synched up and datamined.

As a first step of re-launching, and starting my blog from scratch in installed Hugo. Now I have to figure out how to use it and then where to host the thing.

With my current speed of doing things, the re-launch will most likely happen next year🤣

I'm rather undecided on this one and would appreciate some feedback. What would be your preference for org-journal-file-format? Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly?

Daily seems to be straightforward, but somehow monthly more reasonably considered the amount of files generated, whereas yearly might end up unwieldy. Very torn.

@jackbaty Hi! My feed reader tells me you switched back to WP 😃 I have been debating with myself over the last few days as well again. Luckily I have a boatload of work that I *should* do at the moment... 🙂

Public domain songbook: 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization for both study and performance.



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Hmmm. I’m sure I’m missing the obvious, but would anyone mind pointing me into the right direction on “how to follow” a here?! Somehow can’t figure that out.

I’ve heard it said that fencing is the perfect COVID-19 sport:

  1.  Masks
  2.  Gloves
  3.  If anyone gets within 6 ft of you, you stab them.

But what is jousting if not fencing++?

Due to the lack of automated cross-posting I haven't updated here in a while. But at least here's my latest blog entry:

@jackbaty Hi! An influx of your posts in my feed-reader tells me that you have moved your blog again 😃 May I ask which platform you are trying now?!

Nice! Just noticed that the latest Doctor Who season is airing here as well.

Every time I open Musecore after a little break I wonder I shell out for Sibelius every month. Maybe I should be working it for a little longer while and then see if it could stick.

” It’s a perfect time for one of those “shit we’re old” posts“. Brilliant post on “Wait But Why“. waitbutwhy.com/2020/01/its-202

Merry Christmas (or any other Festivo of your choosing for that matter)!

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