I wonder if there exists in the vast Interwebs something like this programmer competency matrix sijinjoseph.com/programmer-com but created by more than 1 person, regularly reviewed and updated, and potentially having links to resources.

Some resources I use in my current routine for learning German vocabulary:

- this Anki deck (which I edit if I don’t like the examples or need to add more meanings)


- these places for example phrases and sentences:



Also, using DeepL for quick longer text translation:


So many lost opportunities come from thinking “I can do that later”

危うく三日坊主になるところだった 😮‍💨

This is a pretty cool way of visualizing and explaining these!

Would be helpful if any sort of documentation could include more visual descriptions, too.

Created by Tomek Sułkowski @ sulco.stackblitz.io

and when i check out

it will be without any luggage

memories are light as air

and cannot fit into a suitcase anyway






Без гаранция

Без болка

да можем


Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via ?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!



Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

sarcasm, dark patterns 

This was extremely fun to play~ 😊✨
I’m soo happy that I get to play it again and again each time I open a website on the Internet in the year of our Lord 2021 ❤️🎶🎉
Hooray for everyone involved in making the Internet great, and for money~ 💰😲💰🤗💰

F*ck my life


“… the natural, proper, fitting shape of the novel might be that of a sack, a bag. A book holds words. Words hold things. They bear meanings. A novel is a medicine bundle, holding things in a particular, powerful relation to one another and to us.”


How Apple and Google will cure COVID-19 and how you can opt into it if you want to keep your job


Watch the recording of my interview with Al Jazeera live this morning (contains quick summary notes).

#Apple #Google #ContactTracingFramework #COVID19 #SurveillanceCapitalism

I don’t post like I used to because the responses from men have become unbearable. The gamut of creepy, condescending or copycat. They do it in person at conferences too, which makes me think twice about speaking. (And I witness this being far worse for women less white than me.)


Your privacy is *very* important to us.

Not quite as important as us having all your data. But pretty important. On a scale of one to ten, your privacy ranks a solid four.

You can rest assured that - after we've scanned and processed and extracted every last bit of commercial advantage out of your data - the bitter, tarry residue left gumming up the cogs of our machine will be treated in full compliance with the best privacy legislation laundered money can buy.

And that's a promise.

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