Like how do I let everyone know that I moved? (moved to

I want my followers to know I'm a
goblin & orc stan and a fan of slime. that's why my icon looks like that & my @ is swamp. I'm not shrek kin

I just fucken... love orcs with all my heart

Instead of saying I wanna kms I just say I wanna un-kin myself. Same energy, less negative

Mastodon is fun as someone with adhd as it's a very instant gratification rapid fire posting kinda site. Weird that sasuke is on here claiming to be president tho

This gingerbread house is not my gingerbread home

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I leave the house and the children throw rocks at me and tell me "this is only partially because you were otherkin in 2013. we have a lot of reasons for this"

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mastodon is communist because posts dont have note counts on your feed

a not so fun thing about tumblr is that unless you have a significant amount of followers you often feel like you're screaming into the void but here I got 2 followers and already manage to get more attention. sweet

people joke about not wanting to move from tumblr to some obscure site but mastodon is legitimately very good and people are just cowards

i'm new follow me for content about frogs weed and being a dumbass

dropped all of my classes this semester so I could look for frogs at the creek and whittle a spoon. epic win

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im just a fat little grub and this website is a piece of rotting wood


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