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Sweet Cupcake @sweet_cupcake@mastodon.social

Stylist's Arena, Commission and Event guides (including MyNI integration) are now live!


"...Wait, that's just regular Mastodon, right?"

Wardrobe tracker feature is now live, with in-game wardrobe import feature!

About to update the site to the latest patch! (1.6)

Added crafting info for each item.

Added info on types of accessories, etc on clothing pages

Added image previews for all items. It was a lot of work! 😭

Also the DB is now in sync with the latest game update 1.4!

Updated clothing item layout and added info on whether items are decomposable.

Nikki's info now has customization and evolution details for each wardrobe item

Nikki's Info (beta) for Love Nikki is up: ln.nikkis.info - currently has only basic wardrobe info