@Koalachi Sorry about the late reply!! Contact me on the Discord chat and I can help you out!

@bonnieauradash The site works in your browser so it is compatible with pretty much anything. You can import the wardrobe file after extracting it with an Android emulator.

@cherryblossom You pick the wardrobe section here: ln.nikkis.info/wardrobe/ and then you press select on the page, click on the items you want to add and click the save button in the bottom right.

@Shawnyboo247 I recommend using the advanced guide and using the next best available item listed there!

@Jezar Hi sorry about the super late reply! I assume things are ok now?

@Jezar Thank you for letting me know!! The issue is resolved for now! Thank you for your kind woards and for using the site!!! <3

Stylist's Arena, Commission and Event guides (including MyNI integration) are now live!


"...Wait, that's just regular Mastodon, right?"

Wardrobe tracker feature is now live, with in-game wardrobe import feature!

About to update the site to the latest patch! (1.6)

Added info on types of accessories, etc on clothing pages

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