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Hey folks, I'm migrating to -- might as well live on an instance run by somebody I know! Leaving this as a placeholder account for now.

Hey folks, I'm migrating to -- might as well live on an instance run by somebody I know! Leaving this as a placeholder account for now.

I should use this thing more. I wish the UI were a bit less clunky.

A fun bit of history. The first fully enclosed prototype for what eventually became Hiptop/Sidekick was a project-box-y critter called Paperback (roughly the size of a trade paperback book).

I keep forgetting about mastodon, using the bird network out of muscle memory.

Huh. The Home pane claims I'm not following anyone yet (and has no content). My profile claims otherwise. What's up with that?

Apologies to everyone I had to leave out! (your instances are great too)

From Witches to Dolphins, These Are the Communities That Make Mastodon Great

I'm Metroidvania-ing it up this weekend with Hollow Knight. So incredibly good, wonderful art and music, fantastic gameplay. So many strange bugs!

Attempted to buy something from the Playstation Store yesterday. Failed. Failed & failed again. Re-checked CC numbers: all fine. Failed again today & just now read Sony's customer support help on this problem.

There's a 24 hour waiting period after you change your billing info. If you attempt to buy anything during that period, the waiting period *resets*.

If I had not used Google, I might never have been able to give Sony $ ever again.

What did I learn?
1. systemd sucks
2. operations at production scale is an esoteric skillset
3. documentation is brutally important
4. I am not very good at vacations
5. some bits are still broken but I am not sure
6. I do not volunteer to run npm for a good reason; my team & I deserve salaries for that
7. this will swiftly fall into the same category
8. omg the dude who writes this is saint

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@Gargron @ceejbot Making "choosing the wrong instance" something that has near-zero cost, is, I think, a key problem to solve.

If users can migrate to a new/better instance if their first choice becomes inaccessible / unusable, without losing their identity, timeline, connections, then the major "cost" to users of federation goes away, and it becomes more of an advantage than a burden to the average user that just wants to Toot at their friends and/or the world.

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I like federation, but one of the downsides (especially for very new infra like ), is that tying your identity to an instance ends up being really painful if you need to move to a new instance for whatever reason.

Is there a mechanism to backup/restore your timeline if you have to move?

Combined with more durable identity that could survive instance implosion, that might be handy.

@ceejbot @Gargron

Is there a way to further filter a user timeline by a hashtag or vice versa? I'd really like to be able to easily see all my own posts on a particular topic, for example.

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