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One Pass Real-Time Generational Mark-Sweep Garbage Collection - Armstrong, Virding

Link: buff.ly/2pdh7iS

In this paper we present a simple scheme for reclaiming data for such language classes with a single pass mark-sweep collector. We also show how the simple scheme can be modified so that the collection can be done in an incremental manner (making it suitable for real-time collection).

#garbagecollection #compsci #paperswelove


I hate having so many projects that I want to do and so little time to do them.

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Okay, so how easy is it to transfer accounts across federated instances?

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about performance improvements for Mastodon.

What matters first, for user experience and retention, is the speed of federation. New messages must flow from shard to shard as desired. The spice is new messages.

So I guess the trick is gonna be to figure out how to make pubsubwhatever webhooks fire in reasonable time.

update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.


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