I'm aliiive! And I still do check this place sometimes, it's just tough when I get busy since it's hard to keep up with all the accounts/sites I've got going already. I love how cozy it feels here, just wish a few more folks still used it.

hello, I am still here, just catching up on deadlines! whew

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Got some family stuff going on so I'm less active on social media for a bit but hey, hope you're all getting some nice rest time over the holiday!

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I think I'm officially turning into my mother, in that I spend the entire month of December devising excuses to give people their gifts early. I just made David open one of his by singing "Merry Christmas to you" to the tune of happy birthday and standing over him insistently

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Wrapping up art on my Twisted Romance short this week, coming in late February from Image 🌙✨

Who else uses ? It's been collecting dust on my HD for years but I'm determined to make it work for this book!!!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Mastodon's CW feature is brilliant! I really appreciate all of you who use it well

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My neko just banged a dryad in D&D by helping them self-pollenate their flowers, I'm so proud

I am determined to finish inking this last page and clean/flat/start coloring all these pages tonight, grrraaahhhhh 💪💀🔥

The FF sale ends tonight, if anyone still wants to get in on that 👍✨

I've finally figured out a combination of shortcuts and tools to make working with perspective grids feel less overwhelming and anxiety-inducing and my backgrounds are getting SO much better for it, whodathunk

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