no idea how mastodon works anymore and definitely should’ve read instead of skipped through the tutorial

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I have Discord now. Invite me to your Discords. I’m swizzlekiss#7879.

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everything sucks rant 

My partner is sick and I fell behind in work and I can't even drink enough water or be active enough to be a Functional Human and do everything I need to do, not even just not being a shitty partner but actually taking care of my sick partner, and we both feel isolated and alone even though we are together. I hate it so much. My life finally came together and then everything else goes to shit, and I know that's selfish, but I just barely survived the worst years of my life.

Daniel's fans made a discord for him and they call him daddy

I just said, “good for you, boyfriend” to the Roomba so that’s my current mental state.

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@C418 complains that i don't tweet properly because i never put the dot but don't think that matters here

I like Tales so far. I don't really like Velvet's default outfit though. So

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