And then people ask me why I use Signal and not WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Well, here is your answer.
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Late last year, Apple enforced App Store 'privacy labels'. For the first time, it's easy to compare how much data an app links to your account

Looking at messaging apps, the contrast is quite stark

@sybren I’m gonna go persuade my friends to join signal again. This will help. Thanks.

@dr. Sybren Well last time I checked Signal was centralized service, so by that alone you can conclude signal does know your IP address, it does know your phone number, it does know when you type something and to whom you type it to (and their IP addresses) this means based on that alone, your position is more or less known to signal.
Not sure how offline messeges work, but I guess they are also stored on the server (sure encrypted but still)

So I dont think this is very much accurate. When will people realize that putting your eggs into centralized service is just going to lead to the same thing over and over no matter how nice and 'dont do evil' they are'.

@muppeth They don't need to store your phone number (a hash is enough). Your IP address can change, and it being centralized doesn't mean the address is actually stored and linked to your person. There is a big difference between "having access to some data at some point" and "permanently connecting that data to a user's account".

I do agree that decentralized services have big advantages here. I want to love Jami (, but unfortunately message delivery just isn't reliable enough yet.

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