Spherical panoramas! In this new article I explain how I make my spherical panoramas, from taking the photos to showing the final result. 360 degrees of HDR goodness!

This is timely. I'm about to start doing this myself.

It's worth getting a fisheye lens. Supposedly with mine (and shooting in portrait orientation) I'll be able to shoot six photos horizontally plus an up and down, which is a lot less than you have to do.

So you're saying that if I stitch first and then color correct that I'll end up with visible seams?

It's a lot less photos indeed, so it means a much lower resolution of the final image. I tried using a circular fish eye lens for this, and was really disappointed with the result.

About the colour correction: anything that's taking the context of the pixels into account and that doesn't realise the left and right sides of the photo are connected had the potential of creating seams. Simpler tools that just map colour X to Y (curves, LUTs, etc) are fine.

I'll be shooting my test in the next day or two. I'll have to see how mine comes out. I would think that anything that's bound for the web doesn't need super-high resolution.

My fisheye is not circular. It just makes a very big pincushion. That might work better than what you tried.

Thanks for the warning on the color. I'll have to be alert to that. I hadn't thought far enough ahead to know how I would be handling that.

@Photorat The web can also host really nice progressively-loaded gigapixel images. Just saying :P

I'm new to this. I will have to experiment. I would think a gigapixel would be too slow for many people. Those on mobile might not like it eating up their bandwidth. I suppose it all depends on the use case.

@Photorat That's where the "progressively loaded" comes in. Check out, it's the JavaScript viewer I use on It only loads small images when zoomed out, but when you zoom into detail, it loads the images with that level of detail.

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