Thank you @USPS @USPSHelp for this insult.

Me: this is my name

USPS: Error. Please enter a name

I want one of these, but then "All my best work is under GPL" 🤓
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When you're working on projects you're not allowed to discuss, just let this pin do the talking 😉

's property panel now has operators to control the Instance Offset property. It can now be set from the 3D Cursor and the Active Object, and you can snap the 3D Cursor to the Instance Offset.

Hmmmm maybe this is finally a good reason to get Disney+
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It’s good to be back.
New Horizons streaming June 2 on Disney+.

Don't worry, @MStuvel and me don't follow this trend. We definitely feed our visitors :)
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This is blowing people’s minds, so as an amateur historian and sociologist I’m going to try to explain this development/ cultural artifact.

Doing some desk cleaning, look what I found @iamkawehi 😁

I love 🇳🇱, thanks @ZoetSanny for the lovely photos!
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Vanmiddag fietste ik door een openluchtmuseum en zag de mooiste schilderijtjes! 💙🤍💚

This is great! I want to go to this restaurant ASAP!

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Had a dream about an ape restaurant chef, decided to turn it into a small stop motion experimentation in Blender :D

Making a coffee while it's lazily raining outside is such a pleasure.


Records have been cleaned and are drying. Already looking forward to much new music by @iamkawehi, @Stromae, and @Portisheadinfo 🎶💜

My first troll comment on a YouTube video! I'm so proud :)

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