Aahhhw yisss! Vaccin shot 1 of 2 is in.

Stay connected and disinfected, and get your vaccin jab!

@dubiozakolektiv face mask, always classy.

Found the threading issue! These are the result of `m_refcount++` (yellow) and `m_refcount--` (red).

Today 34 years ago, ST:TNG started recording!
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OTD, the first day shooting scenes in Q's courtroom for the series premiere "Encounter at Farpoint."


Dit is geweldig nieuws! Ik hou van libellen. Ze zijn de beste jagers in het dierenrijk, en eten muggen. Dat maakt ze echt mijn vrienden :)
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De libellen komen flink tevoorschijn met deze temperaturen. Allerlei soorten kun je nu tegenkomen, waaronder deze platbuik. Mannetjes en vrouwtjes beginnen geelbruin, maar de mannetjes krijgen blauwe bestuiving als ze geslachtsrijp worden.

I love this work! It has such a great atmosphere and detail.
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Hey! Finished the environment project I've been working on, hope you all like it! :)


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This is one incredibly relaxed mouse 👀
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Two useless cats for sale
I'll take any offer

A component transplant in two photos. Also a demonstration of the progress I made in one year fine-tuning my PCB fabrication process.

Before, with all components on the year-old PCB on the left, and a shiny new PCB on the right. And after the transplant.

Hey @FreedomNetNL, hoe werkt die 0 Mbit/sec upload eigenlijk?

Look at this beautiful image of
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Perspective is an intriguing image by Ye Min Htike. The way the light enters and the difference in sizes between the monk and the Buddha statues emphasize the sense of awe.

Support by buying a print👇



Such good memories of this lake!

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"Inle Daily" is a beautiful photo made by Thigh Wanna. The fishermen of Inle Lake traditionally stand on one leg whilst fishing. A beautiful tradition, captured in a unique way.

Support by buying a print.



1000+ likes and 150+ retweets. I guess people are looking forward to the new pose library!

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Pose Library v2.0 will be part of Blender 3.0. See it in action and learn how it works at code.blender.org/2021/05/pose-


This is amazing!

Thanks for sharing @_vemerald
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Example: barely any color grading in post went into this photo. Mainly because I did all the work in preproduction.

Anyone who bothered to look while getting vaccinated knows that the needle to inject vaccins is considerably thinner than this fatty.
Our @ColumbiaBME and @EE_ColumbiaSEAS
labs--@bioee_columbia and @ColumbiaUEIL--have built the smallest single-chip system that’s a complete functioning electronic circuit. Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes. engineering.columbia.edu/press

It looks awfully empty without a Blender Conference in there. I really hope that this year's conference can happen again.

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