This is gorgeous work!
I want to do some posts this month with artists that inspire me and that I admire.
I start with the great @ForestBeings

It is scary to see how many people/systems are still using 2.x (the blue line in this graph). For context: it went end-of-life over a year ago.

This graph shows daily download stats of my Python RSA package. It shows 770k downloads for Python 3, and 250k are still for Python 2.

This looks amazing!
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My new bicycle light. It'll have a 4x4 LED matrix controlled by a microprocessor. Why buy one for cheap if you can make it yourself!

I knew this would be possible at some point. Thanks @IOInteractive
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We're pleased to share that HITMAN 3 PC players can now import locations from HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 at no additional cost.

Follow the official 3-step guide here:

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LOVED LOVED LOVED skating in front of my house today !! 🤍 thank you everyone for the cheering on 🥺

Our country from the sky
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even (op het oog) een beetje uitgerekt zodat de verhoudingen beter kloppen @phi48 @miekeroth

Python 3.9 is coming to 2.93. I'm committing the library files to SVN right now.

A film about a Dutch artist, narrated by a Brit, promoted by a German named org. It's a shame that it only allows you to give your location via zipcode, as that seems to imply "USA Only".
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Opening in virtual cinemas this Friday: M.C. ESCHER - JOURNEY TO INFINITY, our dazzling new doc about the ground-breaking, space-bending artistic genius, narrated by the great @stephenfry. Watch at your local arthouse via Kin…

There are wild foxes in Amsterdam!
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Kat in t bakkie vanmorgen was het haasje en voor ons was het inpakken en meenemen. Dank jullie wel voor deze top actie mannen! Vosje wilde een dutje doen onder hun warme auto...Nu heerlijk in een hol met een all-inclusive arrangement bij Ome Gerrit @DeToevlucht

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