Blender's 2D Cursor in the Graph Editor can now be snapped from the Shift+S pie menu. Two new options: "Cursor to Selected" and the never seen before "Cursor Value to Selected", which only updates the cursor value but doesn't touch the current frame.

Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.


This is the Wallpaper "file open" dialogue box in @ubuntu Mate. Why on earth is this not showing thumbnails? How am I supposed to know which file looks like what? How do I switch this to nice large thumbnails?

I'm very familiar with the Plateaus of Painfully Close...
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The Cascading Workarounds of Feature Gaps - a writeup on two seemingly simple features I needed in Unity, that kinda made everything messy as heck when developing Shapes

I just reviewed the patch & wrote the tweet, it was @antoinegrasset who coded it!
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Blown away by @sastuvel's recent additions to 's graph editor in 2.91! I would have had to use many more keyframes to achieve the same snapiness in 2.83.

Keyframes can now be inserted losslessly, so without changing any of the actual animation.

In the image, the thin blue line shows the original FCurve shape. It's hidden behind the green curve in Blender 2.91 because they're the same.


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The Eevee shader displacement technique can now work on any object! (An updated demo file will be coming soon)

Public transport in Amsterdam uses @dubiozakolektiv colours to stay disinfected!

Happy 10th birthday Sintel @BlenderDurian !

During the production of Sintel I visited the Blender Institute for the first (and 2nd) time. I got a healthy dose of the virus, and I wanted to work there ever since. As of 2016, that's been a reality!

Today's lunch was awesome, thanks to @artificial3d 's baked goodness! Thanks Andy!
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Lunch at the studio with a home baked german specialty by yours truly!

Congratulations IO Interactive! Thanks for all the amazing games, please keep doing what you're doing.
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We've been making games for 22 years! 🎂

Thank you for all of your support along the way 🥂

Snappier animation is now possible wtih ! This video shows the difference in maximum snappyness between Blender 2.90 and the upcoming 2.91. Both balls are animated with just two keyframes.

Skyfill v1.2 is out! Features:
- 16-bit images, and
- AdobeRGB support, and
- a bugfix

Check it out at

Skyfill automatically fills the sky, if your drone (like mine) can't look straight up.

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