's old Pose Library has been deprecated! Conversion to Pose Assets is a single button press, unleashing powerful new workflows.

The "More Info" button opens a browser to the manual: docs.blender.org/manual/en/3.2

Blender 3.1 is out! And it includes my little Copy Global Transform add-on, a super useful tool for animators (and other people who want to copy-paste world transforms) :D


Best news in a long time 🙏
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My focus for the rest of this year is to get the current Blender NLA and Animation Layer system and FBX to a level of polish that the core tools work as artists expect and without workarounds and excuses. If someone wants to use Blender it will be on equal footing as Maya/Mobu

The graph editor now has an "Equalize Handles" operator (in the Keys → Snap menu). It equalizes the handle length of all selected keyframes, optionally making them horizontal as well. Thanks @blastframe for your efforts!

yesterday's & meeting was a busy one! It's so exciting to see how the module is thriving.


If you want to join, the meeting is every two weeks and is open to everybody. Calendar at stuvel.eu/anim-meetings/

Christoph’s awesome work on the pose slider tools now finds its way to the graph editor 💜

Thanks @vieleanimations !

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Late Christmas present animators
My "Breakdown" and "Blend To Neighbor" operators for the graph editor finally landed for 3.1
Thanks @sastuvel for all the reviews

Copy Global Transform!

Blender has a new add-on: copy/paste of the world-space transform of the active object/bone. It can simply paste, modify selected keys (aka "smart bake"), or even create new keys (on 1s, 2s, etc.).

Bundled with Blender 3.1 :)

Animation & Rigging has expanded with two more module members: @orestiskon and @bclark_cgchar !

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