Another fruitful & meeting.

If you want to join, it's every two weeks on Thursday. Check the meeting notes for the time & place.

Python 3.9 is coming to 2.93. I'm committing the library files to SVN right now.

One day build: the moss cave

Where a plane gets extruded into a mossy cave!

Check out my dear friend's awesome work, combining photography with CGI.

@Mrdodobird he used your moss (was it lazy moss?) to what I think is great effect.

Blender Asset Tracer v1.3 just released, with support for Geometry Nodes. Get it fresh from

Soon to come: a Blender Cloud add-on update that bundles this version of BAT.

Maybe others in the community can chip in? How are AMD video cards & drivers nowadays? I like that they work with the Open Source Mesa drivers, but they had some issues in the past, and my personal preference is still NVIDIA. How is this now?
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@sastuvel I'm looking for a GPU Blender Supports / opensource / Linux supported. Any suggestions?

Much 💜 for the 🐙

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When you go to Reddit in the morning and discover the artwork you posted there yesterday evening has received 4400+ upvotes, and you see the counter increase in real-time... 😊❤

patch management made easier: I wrote some shell scripts to pull patches into your local git repo in a more convenient way.

I'm getting the hang of the Fish shell, thanks @spreeker for pointing it out to me :)

Yesterday we the first & meeting of 2021. The notes are on DevTalk as usual:

REQUEST: if you want to join these A&R meetings, let us know which times would suit you in a comment on devtalk, use the link above.

Bake Action in now has better Euler discontinuity filtering!

In this image you see the result of Bake Action: Euler discontinuities in 2.91 (left) and smooth curves in 2.92 (right).

Constraints can now use Custom Space with a custom object to define the evaluation space. Great work by Henrik Dick!

"It made me fall back in love with 3D modeling again, and soon upon discovering Blender, I found myself using it for most of my tasks."

That's @3DBystedt about using Blender in game development.

Now this is news I like!

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@sastuvel Just tested it with 3 armatures of previusly baked animations and they all work perfectly.

I'm trying to get @TheRealPomax away from Mozilla and onto 😁
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Working on a small new section for the Bezier Primer, thanks to @sastuvel

I'm still looking for people to test this functionality! It's not in yet. Download my custom Blender build from, test it on some real-world files, and let me know if it works for you.

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Today I implemented a new Euler filter, to remove discontinuities from rotations. If you want to help test the new filter, please download an experimental build …

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