This has my upvote!

(I likely won’t be the one implementing the feature, so it’s easy for me to upvote 😅)

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Friends, please upvote this feature request (paint multiple textures) at RightClickSelect.

This would make the PBR texturing workflow of Blender so much easier! ☺️

@sastuvel @annex2nothing @LucaRood @Blender

Gorgeous work!

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Check out the making-of video for "A Cor da Cidade" in celebration of Valorant Year 1! Here, we share a bit of the process to recreate Bahia with all its singularities and the mix with Raze's history and awesome moves!

I was live at Blender Today, talking about the Asset Browser & Blender's new Pose Library.

The new pose library has finally landed in master!

I'll prepare my inbox for the bug reports 😂

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A major milestone for the Asset Browser project: Pose Library v2.0 is now in master! 🎉

Learn more about it on the Wiki release notes and the Code blog.

Damn this is good stuff! Reminds me of @Mrdodobird ‘s work.

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I'm Prateek, i am a self taught 3D artist. I love creating visuals. I've been doing this for nearly 2 years now.
Hope you enjoy my work and support me :)

Little reminder that a while ago, a new chapter of Scripting for Artists was released on Blender Cloud.

Even though in the video I'm using Python, I think the concepts are applicable to pretty much any programming language.

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Readability & Understandability of your code. Sybren talks you through the process of improving those in this new chapter of Scripting f…

"Use them on lifeless stuff, like your page on Artstation" 🔥🔥🔥 hahaha love it!
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Animation curves tutorial

This is really good news!
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Blender’s ecosystem gets a boost. Independent Blender LTS support and services for enterprises are now available via @Canonical.

Found the threading issue! These are the result of `m_refcount++` (yellow) and `m_refcount--` (red).

It was super nice to be part of this project, working with @Severin_b3d on Blender's new Asset Browser. Check the blog post below for MUCH more info!

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The Asset Browser will finally debut in Blender 3.0 🚀

Check out the current state of this major milestone and what is coming up next.

1000+ likes and 150+ retweets. I guess people are looking forward to the new pose library!

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Pose Library v2.0 will be part of Blender 3.0. See it in action and learn how it works at

It looks awfully empty without a Blender Conference in there. I really hope that this year's conference can happen again.

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