Stop learning CAD first for only 3D printing. This dude makes some very valid points.

This is mind blowing

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Been working on a Village Generator. It randomly generates buildings and a street along a single curve. Each building is completely random in shape and size.

And it's out!
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Flamenco 3 is now in beta! Read more about this epic milestone on and setup your own render farm in 5 minutes.

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Build your own render farm in just five minutes!

Check out this video, and celebrate the beta release of Flamenco 3 with @fsiddi, @PabloVazquez_, and me!

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Get started by watching this 5-minute video on how to set up Flamenco by dr. Sybren.

Tomorrow I'll be recording a demo video of how to use the upcoming Flamenco v3. It'll show the simplest setup, and should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Imagine that, your own render farm in just 5 minutes! It's going to be great :)

Flamenco, Blender's render farm software, has a new home at

Still looking for developers with experience! The platform is so different from Linux, us Open Source nerds need a helping hand here

Flamenco, the render farm software we've been working on for the past half year, was featured in yesterday's Blender Today live-stream!

Animation & Rigging module meeting notes from last Thursday:

Going over some older patches, and discussing some design changes in the dopesheet & graph editor. And a demo by @OmeletoTheEgg on his pose library addition of animation support!

Hahaha this is brilliant
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if you remember Blender 2.7 your knees hurt

enjoy whatever the hell this is

A milestone! 3 is running at Blender Animation Studio! Granted, it's still an alpha version, and the Workers still have to be installed, and it hasn't been actually used yet. Still, a milestone to see it running!

's property panel now has operators to control the Instance Offset property. It can now be set from the 3D Cursor and the Active Object, and you can snap the 3D Cursor to the Instance Offset.

In 3.3 it will be easier (read: possible) to keep track of render and object baking jobs from Python. You can poll whether such jobs are currently running, and also get notified about completion & cancellation:

Virtual Gallery Tour - Check Your Spam Folder - @the_mantissa’s first solo art exhibition, a 360 tour!

Made with and and plenty of other tools.

This is great! I want to go to this restaurant ASAP!

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Had a dream about an ape restaurant chef, decided to turn it into a small stop motion experimentation in Blender :D

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