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It's so interesting to see people's responses.

@EpicGames gives Blender $1.2 MILLION.

@Facebook gives Blender 1/10th of that.


Don't worry folks. It's just a donation, not an investment.

Today I implemented a new Euler filter, to remove discontinuities from rotations. If you want to help test the new filter, please download an experimental build from and let me know how it works for you.

The Pose Thumbnails add-on for has been refreshed to be compatible with modern Blenders again. It's also easier to install than ever. Grab the add-on ZIP from

I love the caricatures by @lazyerv, go check out their Twitter feed for some brilliant inspired drawings.

was completely different than usual, but still it was fantastic. I was blown away by the emotional, caring, friendly, loving responses on the chat. Thank you all for being awesome!

Such good memories!
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Two years ago.. 😍😍
@sastuvel @MStuvel @tonroosendaal @nitzravalji @dragoneex

And this is why Blender's & module is first improving, fixing, and polishing existing functionality.

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This is a subtweet for every single one of you

My Twitter client always keeps an eye out for "blender cloud". Sometimes it shows some nice recepies as well.

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I used blender so the mash potatoes are really like a cloud as we say in Slovakia😊

Blender's 2D Cursor in the Graph Editor can now be snapped from the Shift+S pie menu. Two new options: "Cursor to Selected" and the never seen before "Cursor Value to Selected", which only updates the cursor value but doesn't touch the current frame.

I just reviewed the patch & wrote the tweet, it was @antoinegrasset who coded it!
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Blown away by @sastuvel's recent additions to 's graph editor in 2.91! I would have had to use many more keyframes to achieve the same snapiness in 2.83.

Keyframes can now be inserted losslessly, so without changing any of the actual animation.

In the image, the thin blue line shows the original FCurve shape. It's hidden behind the green curve in Blender 2.91 because they're the same.


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The Eevee shader displacement technique can now work on any object! (An updated demo file will be coming soon)

can now export custom properties to Alembic. Can anyone help me out with some jazzy example file that really shows off the spectacular results that can be had with this new feature? We'd like to use that when announcing the feature for 2.91.

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