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can now export custom properties to Alembic. Can anyone help me out with some jazzy example file that really shows off the spectacular results that can be had with this new feature? We'd like to use that when announcing the feature for 2.91.

Snappier animation is now possible wtih ! This video shows the difference in maximum snappyness between Blender 2.90 and the upcoming 2.91. Both balls are animated with just two keyframes.

Woah! The Blender Development Fund is over the €100.000/month mark! That's fantastic :)

Thank you to all the DevFund members, you accelerate the awesomification of Blender.

This week I'll do another Roast my Add-on! Let me know if you want me to roast yours. ESPECIALLY if it's a simple add-on, or something you're still working on, this could be a good idea.

Phew, the new exporter is done! It's now using the same code base as the exporter, paving the way for the future. And fixing a bug reported by @3DBystedt

Now it's waiting for review at

Next Wednesday I'll be in a live stream with Pablo for a live for Q&A session. If you have questions about scripting in , drop by and get them answered!

Thursday I'll be recording another episode of Scripting for Artists: custom properties. This is where things get really powerful.

Thank you !

Great news@IntelSoftware@twitter.comre upgrades their membership to Corporate Gold! Thank you for continuing to support Blender core development.

Alembic HDF5 support: completely remove from ?

If you use a custom build of Blender in order to use files, please speak up at

Especially for and all the other METABALLS lovers: Blender's exporter now also supports exporting metaballs! As with the exporter, they are converted to a mesh first. Of course animation is supported as well :)

Together with I just gave a presentation at the first NL CG Pipeline Meetup! The atmosphere is good, and we met interesting people (and some old friends).

I'm not a 'fanboy' but.... the ability to directly fund software development instead of purchasing a license makes a difference...


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