Super proud of this! I managed to make a PCB with beautifully sharp 0.3mm traces, and then hand-soldered a 1.5mm x 1.5mm IC on it. It has 6 connections to the PCB on the bottom.

It's a li-ion protection chip that I want to try out.

A component transplant in two photos. Also a demonstration of the progress I made in one year fine-tuning my PCB fabrication process.

Before, with all components on the year-old PCB on the left, and a shiny new PCB on the right. And after the transplant.

Today was a fruitful day. My 2.4GHz transceiver is working, as well as my 3.3v buck/boost converter.

Today I made some rear lights for bicycles! They show a subtle breathing pattern designed to show a hint of fanciness without distracting other people from traffic.

Also they show the remaining battery level at power on and have a power save mode.

My new bicycle light. It'll have a 4x4 LED matrix controlled by a microprocessor. Why buy one for cheap if you can make it yourself!

New blog post! PWM & Visual Brightness. Finally I have turned my ideas into a script, so I never have to break my brain about this again.

TL;DR: visually linear + good control over low brightness

I want a few of those for my electronics projects!

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Power Inductor! DecalMachine + Chipp Eevee materials, fantastic addons @machin3io @chippwalters

I built an amplifier! This little fella is going to replace the big old amp that I use to hear my electric drumkit. Check out my latest blog post with photos, circuit diagram, and a tiny bit of explanation.

Much improvement to my homemade thermometer! I used some old B&W film to improve the contrast of the display, and enable the LEDs per digit (instead of per segment) to have more on-time and thus more brightness.

Making my own PCBs is so fulfilling. This is an experiment board to try out the ATtiny84 microprocessor. It's going to connect to USB as well, but as you can see it needs a few components. They should be delivered this week :)

My home made thermometer is working! I designed the whole thing, and made the PCB myself.

Who knows of a way to make the display more readable? As you can see, the "dark" segments are still pretty light.

My UV Exposure Timer is working! This is another step in making my PCB factory more streamlined.

No more timing by hand, this is just a click of a button and I can forget about it until the buzzer sounds.

Open Source, of course!

I made a thing! This is a LED dimmer as well as a speed controller for a smoke extraction fan. Going to make my soldering life a bit nicer. And healthier.

My remote is finished! Plug & play on my Raspberry Pi running +

Now all that's needed is a cat guard 😻

My prototype remote control for is working! Just one evening coding, was quite easy thanks to the LUFA library.

Now we're going to use this prototype for a while to see which keys we're still missing. Then I'll make a dedicated PCB.

It's working!
My PCB creation process is working rather well. Some day I might make a how-to video about this.

My PCB creation process is working rather well. Some day I might make a how-to video about this.

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