@Gina I mean, I doubt you're deadlifting pull requests 😂

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I do this for my tweets nowadays. Even when it's about Blender, which isn't really suitable for visually-impaired people, it just makes sense to describe images.
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@FacesPics For accessibility to the visually impaired, who do use social media, please add alt-text when tweeting images/gifs, especially when they are the point of the tweet. Twitter allows descriptions up to 1000 characters per image/gif.

Blender's 2D Cursor in the Graph Editor can now be snapped from the Shift+S pie menu. Two new options: "Cursor to Selected" and the never seen before "Cursor Value to Selected", which only updates the cursor value but doesn't touch the current frame.

It took us only 66 years to get from a flight of 37 metres to landing a person on the moon.

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@wauz You mean to say that there are limitations to the correctness & amount of information a single, simple image can convey? That's amazing.

Also, the image is not "complete bullshit". Apparently it is missing insight that you personally do have. From your perspective it may be missing so much that you call it "bullshit". That doesn't mean it's without value, or that it can make people think.

Just because you know other stuff than I do, doesn't mean my knowledge is useless. Stop polarising.

@pj Oh absolutely! I wish that security was as simple as stacking some more layers on top of each other.

I think this image is mostly to undermine the "this [layer of cheese] is not perfect, so it is worthless" mentality some people seem to express, and for that I think it's pretty good.

@wauz Actually, no, this isn't nonsense at all. I'm not a biologist, but I do have a Ph.D. in computer science with some familiarity with computer security. I might know a bit what I'm talking about. But feel free to do with this info whatever pleases you.

Ik doe mee!
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Ik heb een nerd-wens; dat we 1000 kilometer gewoon een megameter noemen. Klinkt gaaf, en is ook eigenlijk hoe het heurt.

'Ik doe een weekendje Parijs; is maar een halve megameter rijden.'
'De maan staat zo'n 370 megameter van de aarde.'

Wie doet er mee??

🇳🇱 I'm helping to keep the coronavirus under control with CoronaMelder. Will you join me? coronamelder.nl/app

It's likely that we get less severely ill when we're exposed to a smaller dose of the virus. So keep the social distancing and face masking going. Even when it doesn't prevent infection, it at least helps to get you back on your feet sooner.

volkskrant.nl/cs-b85c8747 (Dutch)

Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.

Source: imgur.com/gallery/lDKGgHe

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