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Damn this is bad. About why there are absurdly more men than women in tech.

I hope we can together influence people to stop thinking about tech as a male thing. More diversity, in gender and other aspects, is a good thing for all of us.
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I'll tell you why:

Age 8: Computer camp. Instructor told my mom not to bring me back. He said I would distract the boys.

Age 12: Computer aided drafting class. My partner w…

This is gorgeous work!
I want to do some posts this month with artists that inspire me and that I admire.
I start with the great @ForestBeings

This looks like a brilliant feature! pattern matching.
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3.10a6 is out! With Pattern Matching. mail.python.org/archives/list/
On April 5 we'll have alpha 7, then on May 3rd beta 1.

New release of BeatStripper fixes a bug and adds experimental Linux support. Download v4.0 from stuvel.eu/software/beatstrippe

BeatStripper takes your party mode scores, and strips away all scores except the highest score of each player. It can also add your Solo scores!

Open your most recent file, instantly! now has an option `--open-last`, which does just that. Add it to your shortcuts or type it by hand, it's there when you need it.

`blender --open-last`


@pbx with a "ü" in my last name, you can imagine how often I've triggered such errors.

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Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

@pbx Hah! Maybe combine that with a "Converting your code from MS-DOS to Windows 3.11" talk :P

Much this. It's a lot harder to recognise a deep fake when you want to believe it's the truth.
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Also important to mention that just because you feel you can personally tell the difference between synthetic & authentic media, it doesn’t mean we’re good to go. It matters what the general public believes. Altered media has real world safety, political etc impact for everyone.

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I don't think so, I've never used it for that. That's what I have my Yubikey for.

@Armageddon Oh I dropped Python 2 support a while ago. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Still, apparently plenty of people are using the older packages.

It is scary to see how many people/systems are still using 2.x (the blue line in this graph). For context: it went end-of-life over a year ago.

This graph shows daily download stats of my Python RSA package. It shows 770k downloads for Python 3, and 250k are still for Python 2.

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