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Congratulations @ColinLevy and the entire @BlenderDurian film!
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YouTube says we released SINTEL 10 years ago today.

I was forged by this project. At 21, I abandoned school, flew to Amsterdam and got to play make believe in @Blender for an entire year. Talk about a lucky break!

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can now export custom properties to Alembic. Can anyone help me out with some jazzy example file that really shows off the spectacular results that can be had with this new feature? We'd like to use that when announcing the feature for 2.91.

Happy 10th birthday Sintel @BlenderDurian !

During the production of Sintel I visited the Blender Institute for the first (and 2nd) time. I got a healthy dose of the virus, and I wanted to work there ever since. As of 2016, that's been a reality!

Apparently it's World Tourism Day today. Here is a of our favourite spot in Croatia. Photo taken last year, as this year it was impossible for us to go there.


Today's lunch was awesome, thanks to @artificial3d 's baked goodness! Thanks Andy!
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Lunch at the studio with a home baked german specialty by yours truly!

"it's too long to fit into a tweet" but I'll explain it anyway. Good job @stefan_3d :)
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@andrewpprice They're not the same thing. If you like, I'd be happy to explain the details to you, but it's too long to fit into a tweet.

Yes, yes I am. It's a nice list of features, though.
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Are you taking full advantage of Python 3?

Are you sure?

Here are 10 Python 3 features that will change the way you are writing code today.


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I misread this, and thought they were explicitly banned from having WAFFLES. And there I was, wondering what's so special about Arabian waffles.
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American troops fighting in the first Gulf War were explicitly banned from having raffles.

🥦 I'd say a quick blance, and then stir fry with garlic and yellow curry paste 🥦

Hmmmm so good!

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@sastuvel Some of the best ways to have it:
1) Steamed w/ oyster sauce
2) Stir fried w/ oyster sauce + beef (thin strips) + some garlic
3) Steamed + salt (or garlic salt) - by itself or with carrots / cauliflower

I really don't understand this dislike for broccoli. Don't people know how to cook it properly?
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The Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ features a scene where a child refuses to eat broccoli. It had to be changed in the Japanese version because broccoli is not universally hated by kids there (they swapped it for green peppers).

Congratulations IO Interactive! Thanks for all the amazing games, please keep doing what you're doing.
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We've been making games for 22 years! 🎂

Thank you for all of your support along the way 🥂

Serious question: why do games wait until you press a key, and then continue loading?

Me: wait for game to load
Game: I'll wait here until you press enter
Me: press enter
Game: I'll do some online checks and load more stuff while you wait some more

Why do I need to wait twice?

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