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The Pose Thumbnails add-on for has been refreshed to be compatible with modern Blenders again. It's also easier to install than ever. Grab the add-on ZIP from

This is despicable. Hetero couples are the only ones who actually can get a child and NOT WANT IT.

Homo couples who adopt a child will ALWAYS want it, welcome it, fight for it. For them it's a conscious choice.

Hungaria, get your act together.
Hongaarse regering wil verbod op adoptie voor homoparen in grondwet

Within a day enough money was collected to give this sweety a very necessary operation!😻
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Tranentrekker, jullie zijn gewaarschuwd! @LeontinePadmos van DK is dierenarts en verzorgd voor onze vrijwilligers lessen. Zij een GoFundMe gestart voor n vierpotig slachtoffers door ons bij haar is binnengebracht "Harry" lees verder op

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#AskFediverse This is a long shot. But anyone knows of companies based in the EU who work with AI/ML, with a strong focus on ethics in the domain.

If you think of any name, I’d appreciate if you could drop a comment. Thx

#EU #AI #ML #ethics

And then people ask me why I shoot my photos on black & white film...
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When we tested films back in university, we would frequently run them through latitude tests to get a handle on how the negative to print stock would resolve colour formation, and take cues on how to photograph from the results. The tests that some of us did were extreme, +

A thing of beauty & skill.
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I think this PCB might have been drawn out by hand... 😉

Nice interview @GregZaal :)

Check for my drone panorama workflow. It's not HDR, but it does produce a spherical panorama.

.@SKyriakidesEU will you come to Eva @Jinek_RTL to talk about tobacco testing methods? The @who says you are using the wrong method.

I love the caricatures by @lazyerv, go check out their Twitter feed for some brilliant inspired drawings.

was completely different than usual, but still it was fantastic. I was blown away by the emotional, caring, friendly, loving responses on the chat. Thank you all for being awesome!

Such good memories!
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Two years ago.. 😍😍
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