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As one of my good friend said (he follows this account via RSS), you can update Mastodon and say the #Signal number transfer was smooth. Indeed, it was.

I did follow Signal instructions to the letter:

I also made sure to inform all the groups why I was leaving, giving them my new number. I did the same with friends who I knew would not have it. I specifically asked one person per group to make sure to bring me back in the group after the transfer.

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Gefeliciteerd @arjenlubach @texdewit en alle andere makers van @zondagmetlubach !
RT @vpro
De meest gestreamde programma's in 2020 van zijn bekroond met een NPO Start . @zondagmetlubach is in de prijzen gevallen en wint de Award voor het meest gestreamde actualiteitenprogramma. Gefeliciteerd!

This is why I like @mozilla . WebXR is not supported by @Firefox but still, because it's a draft web standard, they document it properly, including examples.

Beste @lolrtv
Ik vraag me af, wat is de reden dat jullie website iets met mijn VR-set wil? Ik heb maar eens op "Allow" geklikt, maar zie dan niets in VR verschijnen.

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I still wish @MozDevNet told us which *specific* version of JS a specific feature came in, because if you have a rolling spec, "iteration" is the new "version number", and for things like legacy-compilation, it's useful to know whether ?? is part of ES2016, ..., or 2020.

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It appears that the flood of newcomers on the fediverse comes from a change in instagram's Terms Of Service.

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Holy moly, Owncast is really taking off with the 0.0.3 release!

Almost 1000 stars in a single day for 🙊

Hackernews front page, #1 on several sub-reddits: r/selfhosted, r/golang, ... awesome stuff!

Someone even started streaming public domain movies 24/7 on their Owncast instance:

Check out the Owncast directory to find more instances:

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"Good news: we removed all cookie banners from GitHub! 🎉"

"We find cookie banners quite irritating, so we decided to look for a solution. After a brief search, we found one: just don’t use any non-essential cookies. Pretty simple, really."

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There’s a new half-hour video on reverse engineering and analyzing the design behind collision detection in the original Zelda. There’s truly all human knowledge on YouTube.

Not to mention the effect of vast seas of tarmac on temperature and local climate. Plants, trees, and grass make an area cooler and more pleasant to be in. This also affects AC costs.
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Parking minimums, a thread.

Why? Because this is something many continue to approach from the perspective of "well I drive and so everywhere I go needs to have parking."

Warning: This was the subject of my master's thesis, so...

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Remember that anti-trust thing, where Facebook had to by law keep accounts separate?

Bake Action in now has better Euler discontinuity filtering!

In this image you see the result of Bake Action: Euler discontinuities in 2.91 (left) and smooth curves in 2.92 (right).

When you like someone's work, promote the artist and not just copy their work. If you like someone's work, you want them to keep working. The only way to do that is to let the world know WHO made that thing.
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Please take a look at this.

Original Reposted with no credit

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Het kabinet zet een omstreden plan voor het aftapbaar maken van diensten zoals WhatsApp en FaceTime niet door, vertellen bronnen in Den Haag. Er is te weinig politieke steun voor.

The only REAL mask problem. Cut your mask strings before disposing.

Or better, get a reusable mask. I can recommend the ones sold by Dubioza

Easier installation of downloaded maps:

It got annoying, so I automated the annoyance away.

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