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Our country from the sky
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even (op het oog) een beetje uitgerekt zodat de verhoudingen beter kloppen @phi48 @miekeroth

Python 3.9 is coming to 2.93. I'm committing the library files to SVN right now.

Somebody from Myanmar: "I thought Trump was bad, I forgot about my country’s dictatorship."

One day build: the moss cave

Where a plane gets extruded into a mossy cave!

Check out my dear friend's awesome work, combining photography with CGI.

@Mrdodobird he used your moss (was it lazy moss?) to what I think is great effect.

Detailed arguments, and an eye for the more nuanced aspects of reality. Thanks Derek @veritasium and Bill @BillGates.

Damn, damn, damn. So many detailed arguments, and an eye for the more nuanced aspects of reality. Thanks Derek @veritasium and Bill @BillGates.

Goed verhaal over WD-40 en celebrities.

Dank @arjenlubach 😁

Same here with my very dusty MS-DOS 5 book.
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Old software and hardware manuals (when there were such things) go through a lifecycle for me: references for a couple years, then "trash books" taking up space, then, when they are 20+ years old, they are "antiques". I'm happy to still have my Borland TurboPascal/C/Asm manuals.

Blender Asset Tracer v1.3 just released, with support for Geometry Nodes. Get it fresh from

Soon to come: a Blender Cloud add-on update that bundles this version of BAT.

A film about a Dutch artist, narrated by a Brit, promoted by a German named org. It's a shame that it only allows you to give your location via zipcode, as that seems to imply "USA Only".
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Opening in virtual cinemas this Friday: M.C. ESCHER - JOURNEY TO INFINITY, our dazzling new doc about the ground-breaking, space-bending artistic genius, narrated by the great @stephenfry. Watch at your local arthouse via Kin…

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Where do you stand on the subject of:

unconditional basic income?

Ook in Slovenië zijn er hele stricte regels over wat je wel en niet mag rond een rivier. Soort van privacy-wetgeving voor rivieren.
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Laura Burgers, universitair docent aan de rechtenfaculteit van de UvA, ziet een groeiend besef dat de natuur rechten heeft. ‘In Nieuw-Zeeland zijn al rechten toegekend aan een rivier.’

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