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Ik heb met GGD gebeld, en daar was de dame verbaasd toen ik zei dat het erg stil is op de vaccinatielocaties. Ik mocht sowieso nog niet gevaccineerd worden. 😭
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@MinVWS Beste ^RW, het is stil gebleven. Geen hulp vanuit VWS. Resultaat vanavond: zie foto. En dat terwijl er heel terughoudend was opgetrokken. Maar verder geen vuiltje aan de lucht hoor.

I need a fact check @TheRealPomax @TheRealArty
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According to a 2013 survey, 8% of Canadians have had sex in a canoe.

Today I made some rear lights for bicycles! They show a subtle breathing pattern designed to show a hint of fanciness without distracting other people from traffic.

Also they show the remaining battery level at power on and have a power save mode.

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Being able to cancel my Zoom subscription and throw my money over to 8x8 for their hosted Jitsi instances is a very, very nice feeling.

Touching video by Lok, a photographer from Hong Kong, who is moving away from his country to the UK.

In other words, stop using single words to describe a whole day full of (in)activity. Lots happen in a day, and no matter the single word you pick, it’ll hardly ever do justice to it all.

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How I break this circle:
See the difference between “failing to reach my goal” and “moving closer to my goal” or even “learning more about my goal”. Both are positive! “Failure” is not the same as “not reaching some goal I thought up for myself at some point in time”.
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For the non-US part of the world, 5' = 1.52 m, 6' = 1.83

The average length of women in The Netherlands is currently 1.68m (source: my wife), which translates back to 5½ feet.
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yesterday's Animation & Rigging Module Meeting notes are online:

The next meeting will be in two weeks, Thursday 29 April at 17:00 CEST.

This is so good.
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What the team at @EpicGames has done with MetaHumans is beyond extraordinary, and very very intuitive. Here's a 5 minute session of me playing with the system, barely scratching the surface.

Hey @FreedomNetNL , hoe lang duurt het voordat een support mail beantwoord wordt? Ik wacht al 9 dagen. Had beter verwacht.

Etsy took down the store without notification or explanation. We'll wait for their response until Monday, otherwise we'll build a little webshop ourselves.

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Own a hand-made print of a photo made by your favourite developer (I can say that on my own timeline, yes?), and help the people of to fight for democracy.

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Prints are made by my friend @AryelBeck in Singapore, and will be shipped around the world!

We are still looking for more photographers who can share prints or b&w negatives. If you have anyone who might be interested in the project, please do ping me!

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Own a hand-made print of a photo made by your favourite developer (I can say that on my own timeline, yes?), and help the people of to fight for democracy.

Friends of mine (and me) are working on a little project to sell hand-printed analogue photos of to aid them in their struggle for .

More info will follow here soon.

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