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And the takehome message here is that clearly the nature of "what people apparently want out of IRC" is only barely compatible with "how IRC actually works". If you don't like the network owner, you unlink your server and join a different network. Or become your own.

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Use unicode, it’s actually useful beyond the 💩 smiley.
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I just found out there's a dedicated ≠ glyph.

I would encourage folks who like to use != in online conversations to move to ≠ since a lot of folks don't know what the other is meant to convey.

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Psst... if anyone uses Blender's Edit Linked Library add-on, I recently added support for linked node groups. It won't be part of the 2.93 release (I missed the feature freeze cut-off), but it should work for everything >=2.80 if you want to test it:


Just switch to @signalapp
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If you don't accept WhatsApp's new privacy policy, they won't technically disable your account, but make "it pretty much unusable," reports @swodinsky.

We believe products should be built to serve users, not surveil them.

1000+ likes and 150+ retweets. I guess people are looking forward to the new pose library!

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Pose Library v2.0 will be part of Blender 3.0. See it in action and learn how it works at

This is amazing!

Thanks for sharing @_vemerald
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Example: barely any color grading in post went into this photo. Mainly because I did all the work in preproduction.

Anyone who bothered to look while getting vaccinated knows that the needle to inject vaccins is considerably thinner than this fatty.
Our @ColumbiaBME and @EE_ColumbiaSEAS
labs--@bioee_columbia and @ColumbiaUEIL--have built the smallest single-chip system that’s a complete functioning electronic circuit. Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes.

It looks awfully empty without a Blender Conference in there. I really hope that this year's conference can happen again.

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Python's pretty alright but omg the documentation for asyncio is pants. Someone who actually knows asyncio should write proper docs for it instead of what it is right now, this is not documentation, this is "create your own adventure". Except it's async, so you finish too early.

Cutting off an entire city. This really is an appalling violation of basic human rights.

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The SAC soldiers cut off drinking water in Chin state’s Mindat city on Monday (May 17). The water pipe exist 9 miles away from the west of the city where the battalion 274 occupied.

This is fantastic news!

Thanks @stichtingspots for sharing :)
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🎊Good News!
A new Cheetah cub sighted in Touran National Park by rangers. 3 cheetah cubs and mother were sighted
Credits: @OfficialDOEIran

Today was a fruitful day. My 2.4GHz transceiver is working, as well as my 3.3v buck/boost converter.

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I love how Facebook claims that not being allowed to syphon EU data to the US would have "devastating effects on its business". Really? Then perhaps you can explain to the courts what your business is? It'd be nice to hear you admit that you're a data broker pretending not to be.

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