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It's almost time to write some holiday cards ❄️ πŸ’Œ Therefore you will receive 3 Page of Wands Christmas Cards with each "I. Postcard Bundle" for free :blobcatcoffee: . This bundle is also a great gift. Psst, let me tell you a secret, you can frame them, too.

In the hope that this result might dissolve someone's creative block. πŸ’š

@sylvia_ritter Hi! this little precious baby arrived couple minutes ago to home.
I don't have enough words! so awesome.
the high quality, the well protected it came.
best purchase of the month.
thank you!

When Michael Jackson's daughter helps themselves to your art without permission or credit.

(Have reported her for copyright infringement and tagged her on twitter and bookface)

Shipped the first batch of Speedpainting Calendars today πŸ’œ . Featuring Speedpainting 19122019 as the September artwork.

Now I have to be the person who has to correct this mistake by taking it down or starting a discussion. Or I could just let it be, but I feel obligated to remind people how important this is. In the hope that they will be more careful with other artists and their artworks.

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This is my artwork "Speedpainting 13092019".
Why would you call it "Uncertainty 4k"? Also "Here you can find other Wallpapers made by me". ☹️

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Please don't forget to give credit and link to the original source if you post an artwork. It is so easy, very crucial and so helpful.

Specular light on the water

(Minecraft Greenfield map imported in Avoyd)

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You can see a lot of wonderful artworks created with Krita on Twitter. So happy to see so many great artists sharing their work:

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Do you paint & have fun with
@krita? If you like, post your recent work with this wonderful open-source software in this thread :).

image description: alien sci-fi landscape (on the right: architecture which looks dried up and a bit scary, like hell; on the left: architecture with lights, looking alive, like heaven) separated by a gap. Shrouded in mystery, clouds, and atmosphere. In the front a bridge and viewing platform. In the background, clouds looking like waterfalls.

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