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Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

Would you like to share a cup of 🌟 coffee with Eoan Ermine? Huzzah, now you can! Welcoming the Eoan Ermine sticker to the collection:

New artwork! ✨ Barnie und die heimlichen Denker ✨ - Cover Art. A while back I've created this children's book cover for my very talented mother-in-law, Marieluise Ritter. The story is about a herding dog who is afraid of sheep.

Insinööri majava ja 'the wait'

I... now have to figure out where to hang this...

I don't want to mess up the huge clock on my wall

Many thanks to my wonderful friend and illustrator
@mouldyCat for providing the chaos picture 💚 💙 :blobcat:

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Now for something completely different. I've participated in the Paint Over Fast Competition at Revision 2021.

Coastal Custodians (inspired by a chaos picture) was created within less than 24 h including sleep and breaks. It won 1st place. 🐳 💙

🐰 Have a great Easter weekend. Signed by "The Bunnies from Bubble Bunny Underworld" association. 🐰

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