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Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" is here :): . Congratulations to the whole team. ❤️ The cosmos is thanking you for all your efforts.

Let's try a #FollowFriday (#ff) post:

@sylvia_ritter Amazing illustration artist, please check out her work if you haven't yet! 🎨😍

@InvaderXan The green soul of the Fediverse and true home of the 💚 and the 🌱 emoji :-)

@Chrishallbeck Cute cartoons that always make me smile ✏️😊

@switchingsocial & @paulakreuzer Engaging for privacy and free and open source software 💻🔓

And most important the #FridaysForFuture movement all over the world 🗺️

Thanks to you and everyone reading this :blobheartcat:

btw everyone says my hoodie is cool and asks where i got it (cc @sylvia_ritter)

Was checking out the site for Krita to see if they had a newer version than the one I was using out (even though I prefer traditional media, I use it for my raster art - it's a good program, hey-o promotion time) and I saw some cool art in the background I recognized!

It's from an artist I admire - and who probably has so many followers she doesn't need my promotion - @sylvia_ritter !

If you haven't, check out her art; it's amazing.

i got my @sylvia_ritter wakeful hoodie a week ago and it's probably the visually brightest clothing i own
it's pretty comfy

I will probably finish another tarot card this weekend. 💪 The new card is 90% done. Meanwhile here is Eight of Wands.

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@sylvia_ritter Der Pulli ist angekommen, passt, ist flauschig — ich werde ihn nie wieder ausziehen :D

Vielen Dank — Ich glaube ich habe moch noch nie über sowas buntes so gefreut.

Our apartment is full of little boxes. The carrier is on its way for pick up. Thanks to all backers for their patience and support 💕.

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