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It's been a bit quiet on my timeline. I've started to paint the next tarot card (50% done) which I had to pause for another wonderful book cover commission. πŸ“š πŸ’š
But I'm prepared like this fearsome warrior from my Seven of Wands card.

Disco Dingo is in the house 🎧 🎡 . I've ordered a few more tapestries than usual (~10) which are ready for shipping right now!

Thank you, Michael Tunnell - @TuxDigital for mentioning some of my Ubuntu animal illustrations in your recent podcast :).

@piracalamina Recomendaciones: @ondiz @Shaim82 @Ainhoacoci @loquedigalarubia @sylvia_ritter @Aranya
@LoStz y ... y muchas otras igual de buenas, mas otras que no dan pistas sobre su gΓ©nero.

@sylvia_ritter ooo I love ❀️ this one 😎 πŸ‘ . Its Cyber Cat!

Today I will release the new Ubuntu animal illustration at ~ 6 pm (CEST), in ~ 2 hours.
😎 ✨ πŸ’™

Would you like to share a cup of 🌟 coffee with Eoan Ermine? Huzzah, now you can! Welcoming the Eoan Ermine sticker to the collection:

⬇️ The next illustration is 99% done. :) πŸ’ƒ :blobcatcoffee: πŸ’ž

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