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Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" is here :): . Congratulations to the whole team. ❤️ The cosmos is thanking you for all your efforts.

Happy !
I'm a digital artist. Looking for commissions (e.g. album art, tattoo design, concept art, book covers). A full tarot deck is also in the making. :)


Three years since the beginning of my Ubuntu Animal Illustration Series. Everything started with the first Ubuntu release (20. October 2004), Warty Warthog. Since then I've illustrated all Ubuntu releases, 29 artworks so far.

Thank you, for being awesome.

Back from our family tour. Belated happy new year to you all. 🦋
Let's create some new art. :)

Have any #krita questions? now exists! No login needed to ask, only to answer.

Thank you for your very helpful feedback and vote :). I like the idea of a non-standard radial cut.

Finished another tarot card 🌟. It's published on Patreon right now: . The public release is next week.
Meanwhile here is one of my latest tarot cards "Six of Wands".

Hi! I am thinking about creating a jigsaw puzzle that uses one of my artworks. But which one?
Please fill out this tiny form: Thank you ❤️.

In few weeks it's already Christmas 🎄. If you are still looking for a gift for your loved ones international print orders (outside of EU) will arrive before Xmas, if you order until November 20. ❄️ ❄️

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