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☃️ The jigsaw puzzle Kickstarter (featuring Disco Dingo and The Star) will launch on Friday, August 7, 2020! 🎄 ❄️

Started working on the next Ubuntu animal illustration. 😎
If you want to support this new creation:
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Last chance to preorder a Disco Dingo or Astral Alpaca tapestry 🎧 ✨ before I finalize the order tomorrow and it goes into production! We're shipping the first batch on August 6. 🌿 🌿

Look what my printer sent me 😍. Maybe I should also offer Metal/Alu-Dibond prints... (featuring Raring Ringtail).

This is a CMYK print (waterproof) but it is also possible to print them with more colors in museum-quality.

Shipped the first batch of stickers 🪐 🚀. I didn't expect such high demand and ordered more. They will arrive in ~ 2 weeks. Orders starting from yesterday 6:30 pm (CEST) will be shipped as soon as possible! Thank you 💙.

Oh it worked!

"#Linux is my creative work daily driver, on 95% #libre and #FOSS tools. A few years ago it was the opposite, I was on 95% proprietary tools. It is often said that you cannot be on Linux if you do #creative work for a living, but I have transitioned across the last few years and love it. With the advances in #librecreative software the workflows just keep getting better and better. This collection shows some snapshots of my setup and how I use it."

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