@sylvia_ritter Nice one! I'll be adding that to my wallpaper collection if you don't mind.

@sylvia_ritter I guess I could go back to Ubuntu for a while if that means I'll have an excuse to use this as a desktop background.

@sylvia_ritter is this the vision you need to deal with Ubuntu? 😆😅

@sylvia_ritter your pictures are impressive. Thank you for sharing

@sylvia_ritter I absolutely adore your art! Its so colorful and fantastic.
Will this ever be available in high resulotions? I would love to have this as my desktop wallpaper.

@djsundog Thank you so much :). I will send you an email when I've shipped it.

@galaxis @djsundog Not really, this it how much it costs. This is an insured package and 19% German tax is also included.

@sylvia_ritter I'm aware. I did not mean to imply you're *making* it expensive - I assume it's a poster tube, and bulky in freight terms. Just wanted to warn that international shipping costs are significant in comparison to the cost of the product itself.


@galaxis @djsundog True. Our parcel couriers are already underpaid and have a difficult job. As long as they don't have to suffer, hopefully shipping costs will be more affordable in the future.

@sylvia_ritter I spotted this awesome artwork in a bit of an unusual place - the presentation from the official Ubuntu Podcast folks at FOSS Talk Live! It's very brief, just the desktop wallpaper on the computer, but still neat to recognize your art out there.

youtu.be/bnDYh218KhY?t=13m57s "Ubuntu Podcast S12E10.5 @ FOSS Talk Live 2019" at 13m57s (maybe later too, haven't finished watching)

@sylvia_ritter this is such a wonderful piece, the colors are just absolutely alive! :ns_heart:

@sylvia_ritter Hey, this is amazing! Can I buy this in print/high resolution?


Absolutely beautiful.
Do you plan to make a T-shirt out of it?


Are you secretly Elisabeth Warren?
If you do make T-shirts, if they render well and if it's not too expensive, please inform me!

BTW do you have a pixelfed I can follow?

@sylvia_ritter i thank you silvia 😅 nice to meet you👍 👍 👍 👍 😎


Nice artwork, I hesitated to use it as an illustration (quoting you, as I do for all the artists and all the illustrations I use...) for one of my next #Disco Mixes 🎶 😊 😉

@wumazhen Hi there. :) Thank you! As I see it, this would be mainly problematic due to the fact that you link to musicians (purchase) pages, which is understandable and a huge benefit for these artists. But I receive commissions from musicians/artists to be able to promote their music and it wouldn't be fair to them if they have to support my work in return and others don't. I hope you understand. Accepting donations can also be an issue.


Absolutely yes, I understand. I use free or royalty free images or I sometimes ask my son for the illustrations who is very good at doing it for me (like for the next Mix that I will be releasing soon) because I already pay all the titles that I use in my Mixes and I can't monetize my Youtube channel because of copyright, so I settle for donations, contributions or tips from those who want to give, but yes, I understand your point of view as an artist, it makes a lot of sense...

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