@sylvia_ritter unbelievable, love it! 😍 😍 😍

@sylvia_ritter What does speedpaintin mean, how fast you create such masterpieces?

@tavasti Thank you! In rare cases also 2 hours but I don't like to spend more time on them then that. It's my own small competition :).

@sylvia_ritter Have you ever done screen recording when you making something? Something like 20x speed up video for you creating such would be great.

@tavasti These are are already stressful enough. Maybe someday I will record speedpaintings for my Patrons.

@sylvia_ritter Idea was to get more publicity for your work, and that way more customers.

@tavasti Yes, of course. Thank you :). But I still don't feel comfortable with it and probably would only do it to thank those who supported me the most.

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