Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

@sylvia_ritter Absolutlely some metal bands
I'd imagine the eagle one with shaman folk metal rock project from Jonne=>

@sylvia_ritter those covers for Ben Prunty are fucking awesome !!

@sylvia_ritter I only listened to his OST for FTL, I should tried other albums, your cipher cover only make me want to listen it (:

@Matthieu Thank you so much for telling me. You've made my day! Have a great weekend. ☀️

@sylvia_ritter Thanks ! You too, and keep doing those beautiful artworks !

@sylvia_ritter your style is fantastic. If I ever get another band together, or start working on music of my own again, I'd definitely be interested.

Ill point people your way if they ask me!

@sylvia_ritter Your artwork is pushing the boundaries, I love it!


That first one is awesome! (the hawk one). Funny thing is, my first thought was "Wow! That reminds me of the style of that artist who did the Disco Dingo wallpaper..." :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:

@sylvia_ritter You made my favorite Ben Prunty Covers, i love them. 😍 Also all of you other work. I don't know anyone, who needs artwork done, but i'll make sure to recommend you if it ever should come up.

@tauli Very happy to hear that. Thank you so much 🤗 🌻 !

@sylvia_ritter good idea, will introduce you and your art to some people

@sylvia_ritter This is so fucking rad have you done anything eyestrain-y

@sylvia_ritter Great work 👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Maybe I need one for my next album 💿

@sylvia_ritter to me 1 and 3 look like metal bands, 2 and 4 like (goa) trance. Maybe because I love those genres the most. Nice work!

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