@yngmar @sylvia_ritter #weloveslug ! Tomorrow morning I'm up early to shoot nudibranchs with a diopter for my 105 mm. Can't wait! (This from a week or two ago.) My buddy has a fluorescent light... I wonder if I should bring that as well... :flan_think:

@kristapsdz @yngmar Wow, that sounds like a great experience :). Fluorescent light would be a great addition. Although it's probably difficult to photograph! Something for the moment, for sure! Send greetings to the nudibranchs and all the other wonderful sea creatures 💙 :).

@sylvia_ritter @yngmar There was much success. (Not with the fluorescence, as it wasn't powerful enough against ambient light, much less my strobes. That'll need a night dive.)

@kristapsdz @yngmar They are so beautiful :). You've captured it very nicely. The floor patterns look stunning, too!

@sylvia_ritter @yngmar Floor patterns... :flan_laugh:​ That's the surface of a black sponge---this little fella was on the Um El Faroud wreck (here in Malta) at about 30 metres depth. I think the little white bits are bryozoans, which the slug is feeding on. It was between 2 and 3 cm long. I only see P. faeroensis on this particular species of black sponge, but I think that's because I wouldn't be able to see them otherwise---they're so tiny!

@kristapsdz @yngmar Woah, a black sponge. That's a lot more interesting. I see, of course! So tiny and so special. I hope everything is fine in Malta!


Amazing! Mind blowing colors and composition well crafted!🌠

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