I think I might just have found some new wallpapers for my computer to switch through 🥰🤩

They do not eventually happen to be available through your patreon, maybe? 😉

@lazalatin I pre-release speedpaintings on Patreon. Sometimes in wallpaper size 1920x1080px.

@sylvia_ritter @lazalatin this images I remember me the game Another World from my times in DOS/16-bits games. :mycomputer: Good job!!

@sylvia_ritter Gorgeous. How fast do you made those to call them speed-painting ?

@LilaTequila Do you enjoy painting and live streaming? For me, it's already stressful enough. Maybe someday.

I understand ! I enjoy the videos of the painting proces accelerated. For example a several hour work in couple of minutes. That's very interesting.

@sylvia_ritter Is there any chance of getting my hands on those in Wallpaper size beside Patreon? I love them!

@gamey Thank you :). Hm, that's difficult. Patreon collects VAT. Therefore I would need a service which does the same job. Unfortunately, that's not Ko-fi. Still looking for an alternative.

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