I can't really believe it myself, but here is finally my newest tarot card/artwork 🌟 Six of Coins 🌟 :blobcat: .

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@sylvia_ritter Truly amazing! It has a Starry night's feeling to it, but with something different of your own. Great work 🀩

@sylvia_ritter The cats look calm and welcoming... same as in real life. And the art is amazing, as always. 😍

@sylvia_ritter Those have to be the cutest coins I’ve seen so far :)

That background has a lovely Van Gough feel to it with a distinctly Sylvia Ritter color palette. πŸ˜‹

@sylvia_ritter Your a great artist! I follow you on DA too :) (Symbolosis)

@Hondolor Aww, thank you so much :). Feeling very honored! πŸ€—

@sylvia_ritter Beautiful! When are you hoping to have the whole deck ready and what platform will it be available on? I would love a deck of this!

@GraySpots Thank you :)! I don't have a release date yet. This is the 42nd card. When the full deck is done (or most of it) I will do a Kickstarter. In case you don't want to miss any important updates, there is a tarot deck newsletter on my website:

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