Which of my artworks would you like to see as a neck gaiter/bandana?:
A. Raring Ringtail
B. Quantal Quetzal
C. Disco Dingo
D. Wakeful Wolf

@sylvia_ritter All of them! Maybe starting with the Disco Dingo and Raring Ringtail second. =)

@sylvia_ritter I don't know what a neck gaiter or bandana is, and I really like A. Raring Ringtail 😛

@sylvia_ritter all of them! But A and D might work best.

By the way, Mastodon has polls, including multiple-select polls. The button is just below the compose text area, next to the attachment button. Perhaps useful! :blobcatcoffee:

@rysiek Thank you! :) Unfortunately, images can't be added to a poll!

@sylvia_ritter ah, missed that! I should have checked before I tooted. Sorry for butting-in with bad advice! :blobsweats:

@rysiek No problem at all! Thank you anyway :). Maybe in the future, Twitter and Mastodon will allow images in polls.

But I like all of them😊
Also you can create polls here😉

@Azt3c Thank you :). Yes, you can create polls but sadly only without pictures.

I checked your site. Do you deliver to Australia? 🙂

@sylvia_ritter I think that Disco Dingo is suited to a neck gaiter because it is a more horizontal design than the others.

I must confess I quite like all of them, but I think C speaks to me the most.

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