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@sylvia_ritter It's easier for me to understand the presence of naked women in art, them being a core preoccupation of the sort of person who tends to gatekeep art.

Why not make the Star a starfish?

@JordiGH @sylvia_ritter I like how it looks, but I'm still puzzled by the symbolic connection between the Star and octopi.

@JordiGH @DialMforMara Perhaps. I like how it turned out and it took 2 weeks to finish it. Things can be mysterious why paint the most obvious thing?! The world is full of wonders and tarot is a magical place.

@sylvia_ritter @DialMforMara Yeah, I feel like a twit spending five seconds dismissing what is obviously many, many hours of someone else's devoted work. I really love the result and I think that given their intelligence, octopodes (haha) have quite the cosmic astral connection.

@JordiGH @sylvia_ritter That's fair. And "I wanted to, so there" is a reasonable answer.