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Sylvia Ritter

Hallöchen. I am an illustrator/concept artist from Europe. I do: Tarot Cards, Tattoo/Apparel Design, Album/Event Art, Concept Art, Book Cover and more.

You can find me on:

I recently shipped a large "Cipher" print (Album Art for Ben Prunty's Cipher: the Score for Banking on Bitcoin, Loved working on these details.

Phew, almost finished the next tarot card. I will release it on Friday or at the beginning of next week. (Pic.: The Tower - December 2017,

You can now subscribe to the "Wakeful Hoodie Kickstarter Newsletter":
If you are afraid to miss it.

Sneak Peak. Look what the snail mail brought today :). \o/ Next up: Photo Shooting.

Are you an author/publisher? Commission your next book cover with me! Do you know an author whose stories would go well with my art? Let them know!

So far five of my album artworks made it to Spotify :).
Great music by fantastic musicians:
paniq (, benprunty (, batoumusic ( & CosmicCarpool (

Already two years old. :) The first four Ubuntu Animals of my still on-going illustration series (28 so far). Inspired by Ubuntu's release names.

To celebrate Batou's release "Kinetic" I can finally show you the animated album version. Created in November 2016 with Krita and Blender.

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!