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Sylvia Ritter

Next tarot card: 98% done \o/.
Meanwhile here is "The Chariot", the seventh Major Arcana card.

Are you interested in a Karmic Koala UV-active T-shirt? Please fill in this tiny form: Thank you <3.

I often get asked if I intend to complete a real tarot deck: Yes, I do :). You can subscribe to my newsletter: . In case you don't want to miss important updates in the future :).

Missed yesterday, but everyday should be bird day. 🐦

The next tarot card is done \o/. It's the first Minor Arcana card and I will release it tomorrow. (Artwork attached: the ninth
Major Arcana card

Congratulations, :). 18.04 LTS has been released: . We celebrate this moment with a commemorative illustration. Thanks to everyone involved for your hard work. <3