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Sylvia Ritter

@JordiGH I see. By accident and playing around. You can see my digital journey documented on my deviantArt page, starting with this artwork, made on
March 27, 2013: Click on all and you get a good overview.

@JordiGH Lots of layers, working with polygons (circles, squares, polygon tool), selection tools (circle, square polygon), finished artwork gets a unique color correction in Gimp (if necessary). Most artworks take 1-2 weeks or longer.

@nanashi Thank you :). That's good to know <3. I also have a newsletter in case you don't want to miss important updates in the future:

Next tarot card: 98% done \o/.
Meanwhile here is "The Chariot", the seventh Major Arcana card.

@unwary In extra large and multiple times, so that nobody can see the painting anymore.

@windruffle A lot of artists create tarot cards. I can't see a reason why your husband shouldn't be able to do it too :). It is a marathon, no doubt, but it is an interesting one.

@windruffle With the help of Wikipedia I read a lot about each tarot card. You can also find some basic keywords online. I look at old decks (like the Rider-Waite tarot deck) and give my cards a different interpretation. I can't read tarot myself.

@wxl Ah, cool. Thanks for letting me know. So far I just knew that the next animal would be "cosmic". :)

Are you interested in a Karmic Koala UV-active T-shirt? Please fill in this tiny form: Thank you <3.

I often get asked if I intend to complete a real tarot deck: Yes, I do :). You can subscribe to my newsletter: . In case you don't want to miss important updates in the future :).

@mdm Never getting tired hearing this question. :) I just started to paint the Minor Arcana cards and intend to finish them. It is indeed a lot of work.
You can subscribe to my tarot newsletter (in case you don't want to miss important updates in the future):

, with added water and trees and birbs and lens flare :)

Process (and un-edited fractal) here >