@djsumdog Awesome :). My husband did something similar (less detailed) when he lived in a tiny flat.

@djsumdog It's a combination :). The musician's actual workstation was more compact.

Happy !
I'm a digital artist. Looking for commissions (e.g. album art, tattoo design, concept art, book covers). A full tarot deck is also in the making. :)


Three years since the beginning of my Ubuntu Animal Illustration Series. Everything started with the first Ubuntu release (20. October 2004), Warty Warthog. Since then I've illustrated all Ubuntu releases, 29 artworks so far.

Thank you, for being awesome.

@porsupah @gingerrroot That's a good question. I'll have to ask my manufacturer. :)

Back from our family tour. Belated happy new year to you all. πŸ¦‹
Let's create some new art. :)

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