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Sylvia Ritter

Small tweaks still needed but we're getting closer to generating procedural worlds in Avoyd that are fun to run and fly around in zero gravity, 6 degrees of freedom

Yesterday I shipped some prints. If you need art for your walls take a look at my stuff :):

@MissSnarkerson Thank you somuch :). I am happy to hear that. Have a great day!

Second Photo Shooting Preview. My hoodie and I.

The next tarot card will be released in ~2 hours :). \o/
I created a newsletter in case you are interested in a full deck:

Hallöchen. I am an illustrator/concept artist from Europe. I do: Tarot Cards, Tattoo/Apparel Design, Album/Event Art, Concept Art, Book Cover and more.

You can find me on:

@ryanlittlefield what an awesome album artwork :). thank you, I feel very honored. have a great day!