i guess i will find a new instance?? anyone got any suggestions

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i haven’t been on here because honestly social media is a cancer on the human condition but it appears that as always i am missing some wild and crazy shit.

if you have questions about the video game Destiny 2 i can answer them seeing as how i have played roughly 69 hours of it in the last 6 days

What’s up, I’ve played like 25 hours of destiny 2 since Tuesday morning

Wow episode 4 of Castle Rock was some wild fucking shit

what happened on mastodon the last few days that everyone is mad about, someone clue me in

looks like my cat might be sick. that’s cool

i am already on a low following count but it is time to unfollow a few more people

y'all managed to make a mess of this place in really no time at all, huh

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80% of the internecine fights we see play out on the timeline are personal disputes that get blown out into big issues of political dimension

trust an old cranky man when i say, hate you hate, it's ok! its fun to hate fuckos! you can dislike someone for whatever petty reason you want, you dont need to make into an issue of political or moral failing

been thinking about it all morning and i think my new policy is that if you post screencap dunks or boost someone who is i am going to unfollow you. it’s no hard feelings, i don’t think it makes you a bad person to do it. i just don’t ever want to see it. <3

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it’s really forcing me to rethink not just how i want to use this site but who i want to follow and frankly if i want to use mastodon at all. y’all couldn’t even go two weeks without essentially making it Twitter 2.0, good work. bang up job

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the insistence of folks to still try to dunk on people like wil wheaton AND put it on my timeline has basically destroyed any enthusiasm i had for this site.

thanks for that

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