Something even worse than "nvm fixed it" is when you find a two year old GitHub bug report and the last comment is the maintainer replying "Feel free to submit a PR :^)"

Is there an #nyc / #nyclocal 🗽 federated instance like but for here? Doesn't have to be Mastodon - in fact, I'd personally be curious about looking into other ActivityPub protocols.

I wish I had the spoons to start one and/or the cash to host it; in a few months after some personal stuff clears I'd be kinda interested in helping mod/admin one that exists, if the other mods align with me on ethical principles.

Feel free to boost!

Now that Avengers and GoT are done, what nerd media is everyone obsessing over next?

I stan not having unhealthy parasocial relationships with the artists I like

The most intense VR exercise game is Putting Your Furniture Back Where It Was When You're Done

I hope the next Xbox is called the "Original Xbox."

"Human beings, like lobsters, desire to be ruled by a single Uberlobster, who reigns under the sea on a throne of barnacles and blood."

Oh this looks kind of cool. It's an AR Minecraft game where you build stuff in the real world and see it through your phone. If Microsoft ever makes a Hololens that normal people can afford then this would be amazing.

On the other hand, there are going to be so many dicks and swastikas.

*music critic voice* On 2019's "Dedication," pop star Carly Rae Jepsen expands her "E⋅MO⋅TION"-al palette to include a new hue: extremely horny on main. ★★★★☆

trash levels are critical

(03%) □□□□□□□□□□

Shout out to Carly Rae for managing to make pop music without Scotch snaps in 2019

(I say 'wtf' as though I didn't expect a Slayyyter song to slap. Pffffft)

the only thing that could improve this carly rae jepsen album would be more songs about wanking, but this is a minor complaint

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