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A freaking CSS keylogger: github.com/maxchehab/CSS-Keylo

It only works with sites that explicitly update the value attribute after each key entry, but this is common practice for React.

Has the web gone too far?

the logical conclusion of every "how can you be so upset about X when Y is so much worse????" argument is that no one should be upset about anything except wild animal suffering

The other day I learned that the Dragon Ball anime is still on

This was actually really surprising to me, I thought it stopped about twelve years ago when I stopped hearing anything about it whatsoever

I prefer the original 151 genders

Sorry gender, there are only two liberals: Bernie and Hillary

There are only 599 genders. If you collect them all, you can trade them in for a PS3.

Sorry liberals, but there are zero genders. We're all out. Come back tomorrow.

I can't stop reading CoC as Corruption of Champions instead of Code of Conduct. (Don't Google that at work.)

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*Tumblr sounds like a cool place to go*
> twenty five seconds of browsing tumblr occurs

Finally overcoming my "this show is so good that I don't want to watch the rest of it and not have anything left" syndrome with Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

right now we're in the early stage where any battle royale fps is a "PUBG clone", much like every FPS immediately after DOOM was a "DOOM clone"

I really really hope battle royale becomes a Real Genre like MOBA did and isn't just a passing fad

Oh man
I didn't know Metal Gear Survive was a thing and nearly hyperventilated when I saw Steam advertising the beta because it looked like it would be a Metal Gear battle royale game

I am so disappointed that it's not

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Will 2018 be the Year of the Linux Wi-Fi Drivers That Actually Fucking Work?

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I came across something on Github that billed itself as an "MMORPG framework" and was excited/confused until I realized it's literally a WoW private server program

Clever hiding, I guess?

Underrated feel: listening to ambient music on the way home from some ear-blasting metal/industrial/etc show

(I realized I complained about big tech companies eight seconds ago, but this one isn't evil, at least not in the usual big tech company way. Also, gotta make money somehow.)