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Me, confronting my son Daniel after finding marijuana under his bed: Dan, son, where'd you find this?

~One year anniversary of this noise that I described far too well for my own good.

Disappointment: the "illegal functions" section of the company guidelines sounds like it should be something cool, but it's actually just stuff like "don't use strcpy, you idiot, you goddamn imbecile"

I appreciate how so much of Mastodon is older than me. Tumblr was the opposite and it made me feel positively elderly.

By 35, you should have eaten 3 (three) lobsters

I can't get the phrase "the 9/11 of video games" out of my head.

"Spain" by Chick Corea is the only good song.

Is there a way to make have less blank space under short toots? Each toot takes up like a quarter of the screen for me.

Tired: continuing one of your several critically acclaimed and commercially successful game series (or at least making something else in the same genre, because it is clearly your forte)

Wired: making a fucking trading card game

How does Sega not realize they would have a huge success if they just made Sonic Adventure 3

If I could tell my dog one thing and have him understand it, it would be, "WE CANNOT PLAY FETCH IF YOU DO NOT LET GO OF THE THING"

pls rember wen ever u feel scare or frigten...

people, do you have any suggestions for a wireless controller/dongle with good range for ? I have a DS4 and a cheap Bluetooth adapter but it doesn't always work well if I'm more than a few feet from my PC.

Pretty loud for being so silenced

Top stuff.The other articles linked here are worth a read too