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I would give so much to watch Nathan J. Robinson DELETE BEN SHAPIRO'S SYSTEM32 with FACTS AND LOGIC about capitalism

I just saw Kero Kero Bonito and they were amazing and WHY IS SARAH SO CUTE

this Dilbert strip is from 1995, but now it's more valid than ever

When a random website asks for permission to show you notifications

"As someone who thinks your cause is wrong and bad, you should take my advice about how to promote it more effectively. I am definitely not an obnoxious concern troll"

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HNTooter is great because it lets me make the snarky shitposts I'm not allowed to make on HN

Tfw 30% of your users are on Internet Explorer

Tired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on dec 31st 1999!”
Wired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on jan 1st 2038”
Inspired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer right now. Go away. It’s not worth it. Leave it.”

Not buying a Tesla until I can drive it with Vim commands

The ISP I'm already giving $70 a month physically cannot stop spamming me to sign up for cable. Dude. I'm a millennial and it is the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen. I am not going to sign up for cable television. is so damn cool. I have a record of every song I've listened to in the past ten years!

Callout post for trail mixes that have M&Ms in them: Like seriously, what the fuck? I'm tryna be healthy eating some dried fruit and nuts and shit and you're gonna shove literal candy in my face? I'll kick your ass

"Wow I hate having acid reflux" - me, eating Chipotle and drinking three cups of coffee a day

Prerendered pseudo-3D low-res GBA retro aesthetic is so powerful

Trying to fight the urge to stay home from work and play every Megaman Battle Network game instead

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