The ISP I'm already giving $70 a month physically cannot stop spamming me to sign up for cable. Dude. I'm a millennial and it is the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eighteen. I am not going to sign up for cable television.

Yeah basically they don't make a whole lotta money from providing dem TCP/IP tubes at ISP

@synaesthetica the last time my ISP tried to sell me on cable i said "I don't have a TV" and they just went 'oh'

@synaesthetica Yeah, they did similar in trying to sell me a landline. I promptly explained what a cell phone was and inquired in what reasoning should I get a land line.

@synaesthetica mine does this too. Of course the company I signed up for got bought out by another company so now I'm afraid to have any interaction with them other than paying my bills monthly just in case I screw something up and now I'm on the hook to pay a hundred bucks a month for cable TV on landline

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