thinking about online, thinking about social media...pause for thought...turn off phone

"‘technological sadness’ – the default mental state of the online billions. "

i know ive been doing a lot of portia posting lately but just look at this perfect goofy baby

I got to play around with my new camera yesterday, but I forgot to post the pictures. Here you go.

a poignant image for me, a trans flag draped over a speaker at the DIY punk gig held in the evening of Trans Pride Brighton in 2017. A truly fantastic event that burnt in my heart for the rest of the year 💜

I love what I can do with just a camera on my mobile phone. Sometimes it gives me photoshopping material to play around with, but sometimes I get so lucky with what I can capture. Of course, I then get to share the ones that turn out okay to make me look like I know what I am doing.....ahem

taken with a mobile phone, fiddled with in Photoshop....a ladybird on a fence post just minding it's own business

gotta go fast


do the wiggle 🦔😍

📹 mylesandwillows

a reminder to myself that wildlife can be found in the house. This photo of a bug that I found on the bookshelf in our lounge is one of my favourite macro images.

Apart from 2 days with my brothers family, my plans to get out and about and actually photograph some wildlife has been scuppered by a bout of Norovirus followed by some flu bug....consoling myself with looking back at older images, this being one of my favourites for the colours alone taken at Ouse Washes.

in the absence of a stable functioning mind today, I have relinquished my trains of thought to this.... Silver Apples Of The Moon - Morton Subotnick

I won't be outside when the sun sets, so these will have to count as the last sunset pictures of 2019. This is also my 1000th post.

a peaceful photo...taken in the heart of London's west end on a busy soggy lunchtime sitting on a bench in a small paved enclave just yards from Tottenham Court Road

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