Does anyone know about any working client for ? Or maybe just an app in early development phase?

Hello @tom79. I am trying to publish first post to my account, but the does not let me do that. Is there something wrong with my config or maybe the Friendica instance itself?

. I bought it ~11 years ago and just found some time to play it. Part two was one of the main reasons I bought 2. I think I am too old for this now. These characters. This story. These stupid, stupid cutscenes. Omg, and I used to think is a genius...

(Also, testing )

Prismo is an open federated alternative to sites like Reddit or Hacker News.

It's still under development, but the first instance is online here:

It's been in closed beta for a while, but Prismo now has open sign-ups for the first time.

You can sign up at:

#Prismo #Reddit #HackerNews #Fediverse #ActivityPub

@Tusky Why is Tusky uploading a photo I selected immediately before I even send the toot? What if I picked the wrong picture by accident? Then it's immediately on someone's server and I have to beg the admin to delete it, if that's even possible.

It seems that will keep you data forever, even after your death. Unless someone notifies them about it. o_O

Nowa partia na polskiej scenie - Wiosna Biedronia. Chyba trochę kibicuję, chociaż właśnie słucham jak lider mówi o swoim programie i w duchu robię takie małe "o w mordę, grubo". Po cichu liczę na koalicję z Razem.

Ok. I just uninstalled and apps from my phone. Is there any app on its way to Android?

Display weather details of current location

Open up your Terminal and run:

$ curl

Isn't it lovely when posts follow the organic flow of the timeline, giving everyone a chance to speak, instead of forcing sponsored content upon users? #deleteFacebook :blobboo:

And another thing: how am I supposed to delete my account on ? Seems like there's no easy way to do it.

Ok, i have found one MAJOR disatvantage of Signal - it seems that i MUST reveal my phone number to my interlocutor. That's unnaceptable - does have nicknames system which makes it more like chatting app, Signal seems just like simple SMS app with encrypting.

vs . I know about the "no encrypting by default" Telegram issue, but Signal seems fishy to me, since it's not on repository. Word of advice, anyone?

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