One of the reasons hashtags are generally underused (besides a subculture that feels like hashtags is brand-like and therefore bad) is that there is no way to see which ones exist and are used

Without a pointer from another user or external blog post, artists don't know that even exists

@Gargron I also wonder how many people actually follow particular hashtags. I'm not representative but I only follow them if I'm at a conference or similar event. I've always had the impression that "average" users will occasionally tag something but very rarely ever search for or follow a particular tag.

It always felt like a kind of half-baked (or spammy) hack to get around twitter limitations. Maybe we need a whole new concept that will work with AP?


@KnowPresent @Gargron
I would not consider myself "average". And I use to interact with . Hashtags, or keywords, is basically the main way I see what is happening in the fediverse. In the app, you can have a column, a "timeline", for each keyword.

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