Churchill or no Churchill, the British had plenty of years in advance to prepare for such a scenario. But... what do aristocrats care about peasants? Periodic famines are a common theme when aristocrats are in power.
"Who cares about them? Look at them filthy. They bread like rabbits. They brought it to themselves. Might as well... after all, it helps to keep them down. They are incompetent of ruling themselves. Imagine they got in power. Ha, ha...that would be the day."


I don't know from which part of the world you are, but in Europe these events are not just downplayed, they are almost completely unknown. Which is typical of : "The things that are most dangerous to us, let's not talk about them, let's pretend they never happened. Let's talk about something else, let's change the subject." Personally, the first time I ever heard about this famine was from your post.
(to be continued)

But on the second part, where you compare to the Holocaust... I don't see the point. Many famines or massacres have happened. It's not about one versus the other. Who died the most, or who suffered the most... What would be the purpose of such a competition?

So, what I get from your posts is that the European's Jews genocide is not important because.... not enough people died!
That shows to me that your morality is... not existent. You don't really care about the Soviets, nor the Chinese, or the Bengalis. You just use their deaths to promote whatever ideas of yours you want to promote. I think it is you who are the hypocrite, after all.

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