You’ll never guess what I’m thinking of. Billiards

Yesterday I watched my foodie ass gf give her cat a little prosciutto

Does anyone feel like witnessing my trillionaire mindset?

Every time you press L1 in sekiro, your dude says gang, and every time you press r2 your dude says squad

I love when my gf hits the dab after finishing a bowl of soup

I need to not be in a position where I have to say fuck baby yoda

When people are slaves to media: I destroy them

Gf speaking to my cat:
You think you’re so fucking cute? You think you’re so fucking soft? You talk a lot of big game for someone with such a small head

If anyone is y’all biscuit heads, ,,,,, y’all faulty

Rainfall ... is it not merely manifold concession to the plebs?

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