My cat’s like, it is that dire!! It is!!!!! It is dire!!!

Made a site for human design readings!

Please share cuz these readings can really help ppl. Free readings available for low income ppl

It’s time to flip out , log on screaming, and trade stocks

Indoors time, time to reflect on one’s sorrows and speculate about violence against the state

Goth people are going to fuck the things you must care about! Beware! This post funded in part by the McCarthy administration

My friends keep referencing “mike’s hard” around me , as a joke because my name is Mike

*sees a noob^*
Kicks u in the balls and says I love you and gives you a bed to sleep In while you’re in town

Please, please reblog this. Please! My family is bruised and weary, you must reblog this! I’m begging you to reblog this, kind people of the world!

A mind sits in a stew of stupid chemicals and says post

Entering keys to create text that proves how wrong everyone is

I don’t believe in stupid monsters who suck

No, no, you’ve never heard of a meme from 2007. That knowledge is not available

Definitely something to check if you like legs (your own legs)

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