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I travelled back in time to warn you about the impending catastrophe!

I was only be able to give you 72 hours of warning, it has to be enough! For your sake, take this warning message seriously and watch out for the signs! In about three days, a massive change will arrive to life on Earth as we know it from outside your current frame of reference.

Be prepared! Make sure to notice sudden glitches! I can't tell much more for fear of creating paradoxes, so I'll say only this: check .

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I designed entirely with localizable strings and plan to start supporting more languages in v1.1, if you're interested in helping out in this process feel free to email! ☺️

Going forward I think I'll use

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I've opened up for registration. It has a short, memorable name, finally a use for this domain! #newinstance #instances

Those items on my todo list that I can't recall right now?

They'll reappear, not to worry. Right when I'll be trying to fall asleep.

I always would have preferred to directly contribute with a subscription or such to pay for a social network and it looks like with Mastodon I can.

So I do.

Programming has "hello world" and twitter "hello bird", then I guess this is hello worlds.


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