I wonder if Apfelschorle exists in other countries or is rather a german thing :thaenkin:

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-a german reaction to the apocalypse, dawn of the gods, nuclear war, an alien attack or no bread in the house.
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jay gatsby is a sim

-never leaves his house

-died in the swimming pool

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@Nahstradamus That's not surprising since everywhere he goes he claims that major discoveries in science and exploration throughout history are exclusively credited to war or a monarchy/diety who acted in self interest.
I think he understimates the power of a scientifically literate electorate and an overall progressive mindset in the society.
We should get rid of war here on earth and not expand it into space.

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Today awaits me a 4 hour long train trip through Germany.
The ICE already has 30 min delay 😑

My hair feels super soft and smooth after regrowing it from shaving my head
Also giving it some rest from shampoo

I just played the new coop-mode of and i really enjoyed it.
The only thing that really bothered me is that i had a disconnect on every single in-game day.
But i'm confident about the developers working hard at the patches.

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I just ordered an e-reader and i am happy that it arrives on Wednesday.
Waiting for packages is quite enjoyable.
It makes me happy but i don't know if this is one of consumerism's faces.
Isn't everybody happy about getting new stuff?

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You know finals are coming when your anime consumption increases.
Finished the first two seasons of My Hero Academia on the weekend.
Pls send help

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