Looking into invisible_captcha (github.com/markets/invisible_c) to replace the super-annoying recaptcha. Does anyone know of any issues this may have with accessibility?

Nilesh's talk about , and how to use activity pub in your app to expose your app to in Bangalore meetup

When the judgment is declared it is final and binds all. Organised efforts to subvert the judgment should be put down determinedly. This is the judgment of the Supreme Court: Justice Nariman in his dissenting judgement

The top court has sent the case to be decided by a larger bench. Justice Nariman and Justice Chandrachud have dissented from the majority judgement

Breaking: Review Petitions referred to Larger Bench by 3:2 Majority


@graciousgarg Personal integrity and the work produce may not be related. Kejriwal did good things as a CM, I may vote for him If I am in Delhi. But not a fan of Kejriwal as a person

:sidekiq: This is logo for a ruby background worker library called sidekiq, many people here using that out of the context

Open @Tusky , enter gab.ai as the instance name. Click submit button

Thanks me later

test web-server response time with &

curl -s -w '\nLookup time:\t%{time_namelookup}\nConnect time:\t%{time_connect}\nAppCon time:\t%{time_appconnect}\nRedirect time:\t%{time_redirect}\nPreXfer time:\t%{time_pretransfer}\nStartXfer time:\t%{time_starttransfer}\n\nTotal time:\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null example.com

Is there any free/open source alternate to the mobile app to scan books from ?

@Tweetofgod @TootofGod @TootsOfGod

Too many gods here. SC should help us decide the real one based on faith

@yuri56 Nazis are bad and I do not want to give them a platform for recruiting.

Dear friends!

For an accurate coverage of #AYODHYAVERDICT please tune here at

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