I just released some updates to github.com/socketry/falcon including improvements to http/1 and http/2 protocol handling and several bug fixes. If you have a moment, it's rails compatible! Take it for a spin and give me some feedback :)

Does someone of my Followers know a Developer for " on " with also some Skills in PHP for a payed Project? 🤔

I need a Script written in PHP to Ruby on Rails with all it's functionality. It is a small Script for from a like a Plug-in in PHP, that I need to run with Mastodon. Details via DM! 😏

Boosts are very appreciated and thanks to Everyone for sharing! 😉

Looks like a cool opportunity


Paid opportunity to mentor or be mentored!

Probably will stream today game dev with Ruby and C. ETA ~2 hours. twitch.tv/amirrajan

Hiring #rails and #reactnative developers in Austin, TX if anyone knows anyone! Boosts appreciated. inkind.com/jobs

I'm happy to say TruffleRuby 1.0.0 RC 6 is now out. You'll probably have to update master in your ruby version installer of choice.

We fixed quite a few bug and filled in some performance gaps. A lot of this was based on user bug reports. If you're interested, please give it a whirl and report any issues you encounter.

Full changelog: github.com/oracle/truffleruby/

@lrz Theory: it's a mixture of:

1. Lack of a typing system
2. The way everything can be mixed into everything else
3. Dev community
4. REPL-first development mindset
5. Banking *hard* on core *NIX principles for program interactions (stuff runs in the CLI, WEBrick out of the box for a foreground-accessible HTTP server)

All that means its easier to test an idea, reach for Ruby first, refactor, and it has a flexible core built on a rock-solid foundation.

Join [HarithaKeralam](haritham.kerala.gov.in) Mission to participate in Kerala Flood relief clean drive, lets recover together, and lets witness the rebirth of united Kerala.
#KeralaFloods #UniteKerala #HarithaKeralam #RescueMission

You might've gotten the opposite impression from the #Zuckerberg hearing, but the problem here wasn't that users were sucking Facebook's data out of Facebook’s systems.

The problem is that Facebook sucked that data from us.
eff.org/deeplinks/2018/04/too- source: twitter.com/eff/status/9842384


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