I Praveen Arimbrathodiyil, believe #CitizenAmendmentBill is unconstitutional and evil intended. I pledge that I will not submit any documents for the purpose of NRC and I refuse to be part of it.


Clearing the Air: Response to RIT statement on Licensing & other issues

SMC has to clarify its position in regards to the concerns raised on RITs statement posted in Rajeesh KV's blog and other instances of same statement  here and here. The statement came as a surprise to the project admins of SMC since this statement was made by key members of

Let's buy an island and name it 'Food-Rashtra'. What say people?

And have a flag and passport of our own. Any suggestions welcome!

@KapilSibal@twitter.com @DrAMSinghvi@twitter.com Mishra- if anyone feels hurt, I am ready to apologise. I know you're not seeking an apology but I do apologise to any living creature if I had caused any harm. Gopal Sankaranarayan is half of our age. Even to those much younger, I apologise a hundred times

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Chatwoot - Manage conversations, build relationships and delight your customers, all from one place. Opensource alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, Crisp etc chatwoot.com/ #Internet #Ruby #Chat #Support #OpenSource

Let's go with Indian history questions. Any subject. I'll attempt to answer the first five.

Looking into invisible_captcha (github.com/markets/invisible_c) to replace the super-annoying recaptcha. Does anyone know of any issues this may have with accessibility?

Nilesh's talk about , and how to use activity pub in your app to expose your app to in Bangalore meetup

When the judgment is declared it is final and binds all. Organised efforts to subvert the judgment should be put down determinedly. This is the judgment of the Supreme Court: Justice Nariman in his dissenting judgement

The top court has sent the case to be decided by a larger bench. Justice Nariman and Justice Chandrachud have dissented from the majority judgement

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Breaking: Review Petitions referred to Larger Bench by 3:2 Majority


House impeachment hearings for 45 start in about 10 minutes! If you've got the spell slots for it, I strongly recommend watching, be it to stay well-informed or to watch what will most likely be a historic moment.

h/t @neonNeptunian for reminding me

@graciousgarg Personal integrity and the work produce may not be related. Kejriwal did good things as a CM, I may vote for him If I am in Delhi. But not a fan of Kejriwal as a person

:sidekiq: This is logo for a ruby background worker library called sidekiq, many people here using that out of the context

Open @Tusky , enter gab.ai as the instance name. Click submit button

Thanks me later

test web-server response time with &

curl -s -w '\nLookup time:\t%{time_namelookup}\nConnect time:\t%{time_connect}\nAppCon time:\t%{time_appconnect}\nRedirect time:\t%{time_redirect}\nPreXfer time:\t%{time_pretransfer}\nStartXfer time:\t%{time_starttransfer}\n\nTotal time:\t%{time_total}\n' -o /dev/null example.com

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