I’m speaking next month about improving our server-rendered views, so I’d love to hear from you:

How do you manage complexity in the view layer? Which strategies have worked well for you, and which haven’t? What do you feel is lacking right now?


Ruby 2.6 was released yesterday and all the native implementations to Fiber were merged.

Finally launched Faktory Pro, the commercial sibling of Faktory, my background job system for all programming languages.

If you want Sidekiq for Python, JS, PHP, Elixir, Rust or Go, this is your jam.

🏭 🏭 🏭

I just released some updates to including improvements to http/1 and http/2 protocol handling and several bug fixes. If you have a moment, it's rails compatible! Take it for a spin and give me some feedback :)

Does someone of my Followers know a Developer for " on " with also some Skills in PHP for a payed Project? 🤔

I need a Script written in PHP to Ruby on Rails with all it's functionality. It is a small Script for from a like a Plug-in in PHP, that I need to run with Mastodon. Details via DM! 😏

Boosts are very appreciated and thanks to Everyone for sharing! 😉

Looks like a cool opportunity

Paid opportunity to mentor or be mentored!

Probably will stream today game dev with Ruby and C. ETA ~2 hours.

Hiring #rails and #reactnative developers in Austin, TX if anyone knows anyone! Boosts appreciated.

I'm happy to say TruffleRuby 1.0.0 RC 6 is now out. You'll probably have to update master in your ruby version installer of choice.

We fixed quite a few bug and filled in some performance gaps. A lot of this was based on user bug reports. If you're interested, please give it a whirl and report any issues you encounter.

Full changelog:

@lrz Theory: it's a mixture of:

1. Lack of a typing system
2. The way everything can be mixed into everything else
3. Dev community
4. REPL-first development mindset
5. Banking *hard* on core *NIX principles for program interactions (stuff runs in the CLI, WEBrick out of the box for a foreground-accessible HTTP server)

All that means its easier to test an idea, reach for Ruby first, refactor, and it has a flexible core built on a rock-solid foundation.

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