1. Filter languages

I don't want to see toots which in a language I don't understand. So I checked

Preferences- > Other

You can also add tags in your account description, those are clickable in profile directory

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If you own a domain you can verify your account by adding a html tag

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Make use of lists to get different feeds based on the people you follow

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Some accounts to follow

Media official accounts:

Live law @LiveLawIndia
National Herald @nationalherald
Medianama @medianama

Media bots(unofficial)

Ndtv @ndtv

ANI @aninational

Hindhu @hindhu

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Internet activists, lawyers and journalists

Meghnad @Memeghnad

James Wilson: @jamewils

Anivar Aravind: @anivar

Saketh Gokhale: @saketgokhale

G Sampath: @samzsays

Gautam Bhatia @gautambhatia

Pirate Praveen @praveen

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Want to mute all accounts from a particular instance? Go to profile page and select this option

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Tweets which do not involve you are not searchable by term is not available in the platform by design. So add hash tags to find them later

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There is a variant of mastodon which is having extra features like thread mode, bookmark tweets and more. these features are not available on

Read more here

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You can restrict the tweets to your followers, you can also enable follow approving mechanism if you want to filter them

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Some functionality of mastodon do not make sense? Ask with hashtag

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You can add :verified: in some instances to get twitter like verification image in some instances. But it is not actual verification, it is just appending a custom emoji with name. This is not available in because it is misleading

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@tachyons is there a restriction on audio file sizes and video file sizes. If yes, how much, any idea ?

@shirishag75 30 MB for videos, could not find any limits for audio files

@tachyons thank you. So in essence I could upload whole songs if I wanted to ;)

They're only for the current instance though, as I understand it...

@dheadshot it includes federated toots from other instances as well

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