It's hard to find someone to complain to in this lodge if you accidentally got a room with a ghost in it.

Oh no, looks some trees are down blocking your escape.
Everything should be fine as long as there are no ghosts about...

We've been hard at work making the ectoplasmic goo more dynamic and messy.

Working on some more network play stuff.
If all goes well, all of these buttons will one day do something.

Taking an screenshot of incremental progress on network features is hard so here's an example of the ghost's taste in "art."

Had to give up on our first Unity plugin, but now you can press the Host Game button and make other computers see a button with a very large number!

Making some exciting progress.
Now all we have left is the meager task of making these buttons actually do anything.

Sometimes I think about how it's inevitable that one day there will be a photorealistic HD remake of Minecraft.

We are going to be at BostonFig tomorrow!!!
You should come and see all the indie games!

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