I feel like what the new Jurassic Park movie really needs is for Samuel L. Jackson to show up with a robotic arm.

Obviously Daisy was cut from Mario Strikers because Nintendo thought she was too sassy and were worried that she might say something political when she won a match.

I am now on Mastodon! not sure anyone will see this but at least I'm finally here.

I have so many questions about Musk's monumentally foolish investment.
Is this a midlife crisis? Is it to get the SEC off his back? Will he pay a billion to weasel out of it? What's he done that's worth spending a billion on to hide from the SEC? Is it all just to spy on people he doesn't like?

For me breaking in a new pair of shoes hinges on the premise that my ankles can heal while the shoes cannot.

Huge Halloween Update!
We just added 5 new levels and a new mode to the game.
Check it out if you're looking for a spooky party game to play with your friends this Halloween!

We are planning to make good use of this jack-o-lantern model that we happened to have a lying around.

Because our volumetric lighting system was changing the rest of our lighting we switched to an open source one.
Which just goes to show that you get what you don't pay for.

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